Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Actual situation of trouble No15

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Violation of esthetic doctor law

Recently, I have seen reports that managers and staff have been arrested for violating the doctor's law in esthetics. In esthetics, medical similarities may be publicly conducted in the so-called black box.

In other words, the closer you are to medical-like behavior, the better your profit. Since the original skin care and healing treatments do not provide significant profits, it is expected that illegal acts such as photobleaching, mole removal, and spot removal will be performed until the violation of the Doctoral Law. People without expertise and qualifications do not understand the risks. Also, because there is nothing to lose, it tends to do excessive advertising and treatment.

Unfortunately, there are no national qualifications for estheticians, and from today I can immediately work as an esthetician. In the past, advanced knowledge and skills were required for hair removal, but nowadays, an optical hair removal device has appeared and anyone can easily perform it.

However, the risk of burns increases and misconfigurations can also cause problems such as burns and pigmentation. At my clinic, there are also patients who come to treatment because hair loss from esthetic treatments caused quite a big burn.

Although it does not deny the treatment of beauty treatment salons, society cannot be established without complying with the law. The reality of a major beauty salon chain pursuing profit only is also awful. A bargain solicitation in a talk that can be taken as a half-threatening by raising the price by competing sales of customers acquired with bar graphs with estheticians. Engage customers with campaigns and trials to sign expensive course contracts. It is a special business negotiation and trick.

The other day, the listed esthetic company Laparle was suspended. This beauty salon also seemed to have increased sales in a fairly aggressive and fraudulent manner. It was an incident and report that made the industry image worse.

What I can't forgive is a woman who wants to polish herself, use esthetics as a money-making tool for women's psychology, and estheticians who lie and advise esthetic treatment that there is a risk in cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology treatment There are many.

Hairdressing in cosmetic surgery is painful and has a lot of trouble, and we explained to the customer a false explanation and confirmed the existence of a manual that emphasizes the safety and ease of esthetic treatment. In this manual, the contents that can be taken as slander slander of a cosmetic surgeon were listed. If cosmetic surgeons across the country look at this manual, willn't they turn their anger toward esthetics?

There is no pride or elegance as an esthetician, and the reality of hiding esthetics as a means of making money is visible and hidden. I hope the authorities will strictly control the industry and normalize it.

The doctor law prohibits non-doctors from performing hair removal by applying strong light or laser to the hair root.