Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Actual situation of trouble No14

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Cosmetic surgery treatment by a fake doctor

I recently saw a newspaper article about unqualified injections of wrinkle-removing drugs and arresting a Korean woman for violating the Doctoral Law.
What is this cosmetic surgery that caught this fake doctor? There was my patient who had a hard time. When a famous cosmetic surgeon from South Korea came to Japan and got a special nasal surgery, he received a rhinoplasty at home without listening to specific explanations and surgery.

Immediately after that, the nose into which something was inserted was swollen red and miserable. It was just during medical treatment in Akasaka, so I asked my friend's cosmetic surgeon to perform corrective surgery immediately. An outrageous thing was inserted into the nose. A large off-the-shelf prosthesis, which was not processed, was inserted randomly and inflamed and infectious. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with the early treatment, but it seems that this was the treatment for this arrested Korean woman.

It seems that he was making money by changing to injection of Botox etc. The following is the article at the time of arrest.

The Metropolitan Police Department arrested a Korean esthetician who was suspected of violence (53) for violating the doctor's law (unqualified medical practice) for injecting a woman with facial wrinkles without a doctor's license I understood it. A botulinum toxin that has been killed due to side effects has been used as an anti-wrinkle drug. Since it is not approved for cosmetic surgery in Japan, it is difficult for non-doctors to obtain it.

According to the investigation, suspected to make wrinkles on the faces of five Korean women at homes in Chuo-ku, Chiba from March to October last year. Suspected of having an unlicensed medical practice, such as injecting a medicine containing a Clostridium botulinum toxin that is effective.

He said he came to Japan in 1998 and had been performing cosmetic surgery at home from around 2000, saying, “I was taught the injection method in Korea, where petit plastic surgery was prevalent.” I have stated.

In November of last year, an esthetic salon was opened in the city, but the store closed in about a month without attracting customers. 疑 The suspect was arrested for violating the Waste Disposal Law on the 15th of last month because he threw away empty bottles of injection medicine at the garbage dump, but about 300 used needles were found from the garbage. The department looks at hundreds of unqualified women who have practiced medical care.