Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Actual situation of trouble No13

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Terror made in China beauty medical material

There is a Chinese wrinkle treatment called BTXA.

The ingredient contains pork collagen (gelatin), so allergic reactions are relatively high. Moreover, Chinese products are said to contain a large amount of impurities due to inadequate production technology. Naturally, FDA is not approved. There is also a quality control problem, and the number of units per vial may vary by up to 20 times.

In other words, you may have received 10 times the prescribed dose without your knowledge. Due to the nature of BotulinumToxin TypeA, if a large amount of component is injected at one time, antibody production occurs (the component can be immunized), and then treatment with BotulinumToxin TypeA will be ineffective for life. It is an inferior product that repeats approaches to medical institutions when a contractor can purchase it at a low price. Allegan botox is an inferior product that is being sold to cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology clinics by virtue of the fact that it can be purchased at the price of 4 from 5.

An increasing number of people have recently complained that this medicine was used at other medical institutions and had no therapeutic effect. In our hospital, many patients have been injected with Chinese botox and have come to re-treatment if they do not feel the effect at all.

It is used as a matter of course at a major cosmetic surgery clinic that treats botox at a discount. Wakiga, hyperhidrosis and lots of botox? The name of the drug must be confirmed. It is an action that should not be done to degrade the quality of aesthetic medicine. Isn't it serious enough not to come out more than the problem of eating? Even without knowing about the treatment of wrinkles and hyperhidrosis, medical materials mixed with impurities made in China may be injected and even life threatens. It is no exaggeration to say that it is an inferior drug aimed solely for profit rather than questionable safety.

Botox is a simple procedure called injection, and it seems that there are many patients who don't care about drugs because there are relatively few side effects. Money-making clinics will never spend time on specific medications or treatments.

In recent years, aesthetic medicine has come to require quality. Dermatologists, physicians and gynecologists who are not only a major cosmetic surgery chain but also lacking in knowledge of cosmetic medicine are attracting patients at low prices using Chinese-made botox as a cosmetic dermatologist. There are cases.

I have to protect myself. Discounted low quality medical care. I am worried that it will hinder the development of aesthetic medicine.