Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Actual situation of trouble No11

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An inexperienced doctor suddenly became a cosmetic surgeon.

Generally, a minimum of 10 years of clinical experience is required before opening up internal medicine or surgery.

This is the minimum period required to learn the experience of the case and basic techniques as a specialist.

However, in cosmetic surgery, there are many cases that suddenly start up with clinical experience of only 1-2 years. Many doctors who have opened their business after a short period of clinical experience seem to have worked at major cosmetic surgery clinics.


This is because most major cosmetic surgery clinics have not established a solid training system, and cannot acquire skills, academic research, or solid clinical experience.

Is it something like this?

I can do surgery easily.

You can do anything with adaptation.

All surgery is successful if the patient does not complain.

For now, just anesthetize and put a scalpel.

I started cosmetic surgery with a very easy feeling. Only those businesses that prioritize profits over medical services for patients stand out. However, if you can get the operation cost of 100 million yen by tens of operations, you will be paralyzed to money.

As long as you have the know-how of advertising and counseling, academic considerations, surgical techniques, and troubleshooting are secondary. 1-2 year is the birth of a charismatic cosmetic surgeon. Appeared in the media himself as a genius cosmetic surgeon. Surprisingly, some doctors have published their personal experience of 1-2 clinical experience on HP. Clinical experience with any genius and any dexterous doctor Cosmetic surgery is not a low-level academic or medical treatment so that you can open a cosmetic surgery clinic alone in 1-2. This is a very disappointing story.

Furthermore, doctors who have only clinical experience only in internal medicine will take in cosmetic surgery treatment at the same time as opening, and perform botox injection, collagen injection, petit shaping, thread lift, photo RF, etc. that have never been performed as experienced doctors There are actually many cases.

There are times when you need to be as deep and careful as procedures and operations that are easy to see. It is absolutely necessary to be able to take appropriate treatment in the event of troubles and indications for treatment. Naturally, it is impossible for a doctor who suddenly became a cosmetic surgeon.

Being a prosthetic surgeon and prospering is very different from being a good surgeon. It is important for cosmetic surgeons to constantly study and improve their skills, and carefully provide medical services to patients as much as they can.

Please be careful with self-proclaimed cosmetic surgeons.