Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Actual situation of trouble No10

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Trouble with surgery for hypertension

Even if there is no effect, even if trouble occurs, unlike the face, there is the present situation that the wakiga / hyperhidrosis operation is performed on the premise that it can be done even after falling asleep.

Wakiga / hyperhidrosis surgery is an operation for which insurance is indicated, but in general, hospitalization is performed after the operation and postoperative care is performed. Why is it necessary to hospitalization?

Wakiga surgery itself is easy for specialists. However, postoperative rest and care are more important than any other cosmetic surgery.

Once the skin is peeled off, the apocrine gland, which is the smelly gland, the eccrine gland, which is the sweat gland, and the sebaceous gland that causes yellowing are removed from the backside, causing significant damage to the skin. Without this care, surgery cannot be said to be successful.

In other words, it is necessary to engraft the peeled skin in the same state as the skin transplant.

If you can't keep even a little rest, the skin will float and internal bleeding will occur, and the skin above it will cause necrosis.
If you are able to perform surgery for hypertension, you need to rest for 1 weeks after surgery. It is hard to move even a little and cause internal bleeding.

This is the most risky operation of all cosmetic surgeries.

The affected area of ​​the patient who has undergone necrosis will have an ugly scar. I have examined many female patients who suffer from this scar.

If you knew the scars of the wakiga / hyperhidrosis operation, the patient would never have had the operation.

It is not possible medically to perform this high-risk wakiga / hyperhidrosis surgery on a day trip without a hospital visit.

There is absolutely no effective surgery that can easily, completely and immediately lead daily life.

It is difficult to eliminate the smell of 100% no matter how well a specialist performs the surgery.

It is a natural duty to explain these risks to patients before surgery.

Unfortunately, many cosmetic surgeries do not seem to fully explain the risks by highlighting only the benefits of surgery. With the suction method, almost no satisfactory effect can be expected. It is also difficult to reliably treat with ultrasound.

A cosmetic surgeon who performs an ineffective surgery just by hurting the patient's body and demanding high surgical costs. I am surprised by the presence of cosmetic surgeons who strongly recommend surgery by taking advantage of the patient's weakness that it is difficult to make complaints because it is an invisible place, and the contents of surgery are difficult to claim.

A cosmetic surgeon is obliged not only to be effective, but also to manage scars.

There is no effective squirt / hyperhidrosis surgery that leaves no scars.