Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Actual situation of trouble No9

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Liposuction trouble

There is a current situation where surgery is performed on the premise that even if there is no effect even if trouble occurs, it will be completed even if you fall asleep, unlike the face.

It is terrible that the amount of aspirated at the same part of the same person differs by more than twice depending on the doctor. The difference in doctor skills is too large and is probably the largest of all cosmetic surgery. This is because liposuction is completely different from cosmetic surgery for the eyes and nose, and unlike breast augmentation, the position and feel are not an issue, and the main focus is on how thin the skin is.

However, because it is subjective, even if it only sucks a little fat, it's true that it gets a little thin, so even if the patient complains, you can't do any more because your muscles are thick. It's said that if you don't leave a little fat, you won't have a feminine limb, and you'll be repulsed here. In other words, it is a field that can be used even if a completely unskilled doctor is allowed to manage.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is the most cosmetic surgery that can be done by doctors with little experience. Knowing the intense postoperative pain, internal bleeding, swelling, and the actual effect, more than half of patients do not think of liposuction. The lower leg is particularly prone to swelling, and many patients suffer from this ugly scar due to unevenness a few months after the swelling has subsided.

In clinics where there are multiple doctors and the top priority is for profit, there are cases where doctors in charge of cosmetic surgery within the first year are in charge.

As a cosmetic surgeon, I am 18 year and I do not have liposuction because of lack of experience and confidence. I don't have surgery because I can't do it with 100% satisfaction with liposuction.
Self-proclaimed in 1 years after graduating from medical school How should we grasp the reality of liposuction by telling patients that cosmetic surgeons are easy?

Along with breast augmentation and facelift, this surgery is called a cosmetic surgery dollar box.

A cosmetic surgeon can get a surgery fee from 1 to 100 million in just 200 hours.
There are also many fatal accidents.

There are actually accidents in which the peritoneum is perforated by accidentally perforating the suction tube and the patient dies due to peritonitis, or because of excessive liposuction that removes a large amount of fat at once, and death due to circulatory failure .

It is necessary to understand in advance that this fat-embedding fat is a highly risky operation that can enter the blood vessels and clog the pulmonary veins, cause an accident during anesthesia, etc.

Doctors who emphasize the effectiveness and safety of surgery should never receive it.

Young women who regret after undergoing surgery without thinking about risks and postoperative conditions because they can easily diet with liposuction.