Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Actual situation of trouble No8

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Trouble with nasal surgery

1. Rhinoplasty:

It is common to use a prosthesis, but if the material is not processed sufficiently according to the patient's condition, it will not fit well, and the slippage and helicopter will be noticeable. If you do not make a pocket well under the periosteum, it will move. Another problem is that nose surgery tends to be done with nose.

Actually, the nasal nose is the easiest to operate, it is easy to produce visual results, and you can get money in a short time. An inexperienced cosmetic surgeon may suddenly implant an off-the-shelf silicon prosthesis without processing it. There are cases where the height and shape of the nose may become unnatural or may break through the skin, so it is recommended that an experienced specialist perform surgery.

Recently, hyaluronic acid injection through nasal muscles has been carried out by petit shaping, but the effect depends greatly on the doctor's arm. Some clinics inject foreign substances other than collagen and hyaluronic acid just because their effects last for a long time. It is important to note that foreign objects may cause problems in the future. You should receive an explanation in advance of what material was injected.


2. Nasal apex reduction:

There are probably no half doctors who can achieve the effect of chitin just by intranasal incision. In addition to sewing cartilage, the question is whether fat and cartilage under the nose can be treated with chitin. Some doctors say that they can't see well with an incision in the nostril, and they look at the inside of the nostril by looking through the open hole, but these doctors are disqualified from cosmetic surgeons. The wound is noticeable and the patient is suffering from this wound. Although it is a common operation in Korea a little while ago, it is an operation that is not possible in Japan, a country with advanced cosmetic surgery. A method of collecting autologous cartilage from one's ear and burying it in the tip of the nose may be used, but since the wound remains on the ear, deformation and adhesion occur on the implanted nose tip, the effect is not certain, so conscientious I don't think that any cosmetic surgeon would recommend it to patients.


3. Nose wing reduction:

This cuts the outside and requires a high level of stitching technique. This is because the length of the wound to be sewn is different. It is required to be careful not to squeeze and pull it from the soft part under the skin.

Some clinics have advertised that the nasal wings will shrink with only an incision without cutting outside, but there is virtually no change, or if only the inner side is packed, the overhanging of the nasal wings will be strengthened, and it will become an irregular shape It will be. It is an operation that requires careful surgery selection and sufficient explanation to the patient. It's better not to do it unless you are prepared.


4). Rhinoplasty:

Surgery to cut the nasal bones and shape them, but few doctors can do this. It ’s not as good as cutting your bones. Doctors explain that the bones of the nose are not sharpened with thin plate-like bones. It is important to note that the actual surgery may differ from what the doctor explains.

It goes without saying that cosmetic surgeons who can approach such bones need more than 10 years of experience, and doctors who have mastered imitation techniques as seen at major cosmetic surgeries are not possible. There is a cosmetic surgeon who adds various operations because the profits of nasal surgery increase with the addition of options, but it is better to ask only a cosmetic surgeon who promises to guarantee the result in advance that it can not be done Let's do it.