Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology Actual situation of trouble No.7

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Example of unscrupulous cosmetic surgeon Case 3

Fatal accident. Medical mistake. Formatting failure.

Medical accidents caused by cosmetic surgeons are quite large, and it seems that there are many cases where the media is taken up.

Unlike insurance treatment, cosmetic surgery treatment involves the patient's subjectivity, and it seems that there are actually few obvious medical accidents such as failure of shaping.

But fatal accidents are different.

One cosmetic surgeon actively recruits doctors with little experience in surgery or cosmetic surgery.

Usually doctors with clinical experience should be preferred.

Actually, one cosmetic surgery was a clinic that attracted patients to sell at a low price and operated in a flow-oriented manner.

Taking a slow counseling time for a single patient, it is judged that it is profitable negative that a specialist with careful experience performs cosmetic surgery, so it is a rough operation like a flow work with inexperienced techniques It is a policy to do.

Doctors with a lot of clinical experience naturally have doubts about these treatments, but doctors with little clinical experience think of these treatments as a matter of course.

In other words, the miscellaneous surgery performed in the flow process is easily performed considering the original cosmetic surgery.

This is a clinic where double eyelids are attracted and operated at a surprisingly low price, such as 2 10,000 yen and breast augmentation 22 10,000 yen.

It is doubtful to me as a specialist that double eyelid surgery is a tremendous price from the general market.

Costs are divided considering counseling, preparation, surgery, follow-up, and warranty for patients who can have surgery.

You can not get real medical care with this.

There is also a doubt in the catchphrase of peace of mind because it is a major of this clinic, the highest level of safety and security.

I have done many re-operations for patients who have undergone surgery in this cosmetic surgery. The inferiority of the surgical technique is clear from the patient's postoperative status.

In fact, this cosmetic surgery clinic has caused fatal accidents in the past and has been extensively covered by the media.

A doctor who was just after graduating from medical school had a wakiga operation.

The doctor, who lacks surgical training and basic medical knowledge, seems to have injected a lethal dose of anesthetic into the patient.

Patient died of anesthetic poisoning after injection.

The doctor who didn't know how to deal with an emergency caused patient misery.

It is said that local anesthetic shock can occur in 10 people at a rate of 1 cases.

In some cases, proper treatment can save lives.

In this clinic case, there was a problem in the ability of the doctor, not the patient's constitution.

Doctors who have no experience in flow work cannot cope with any of these problems.

The doctors at this cosmetic surgery clinic rarely attend or present at the Cosmetic Surgery Society. Will new surgical techniques and considerations in academic exchanges hinder their flow work surgery?

Of course, there is no specialist certified by the academic society at this cosmetic surgery clinic.

I am amazed at the fact that this cosmetic surgery clinic is still developing even though it caused a fatal accident.

I am in the 18 year as a cosmetic surgeon, and I advocate that cosmetic surgery is carefully performed.

In order to protect patients' rights and be recognized by cosmetic surgeons socially, these doctors should be excluded.