Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology Actual situation of trouble No.6

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Example of unscrupulous cosmetic surgeon Case 2

"Human growth hormone"

There may be many people who know this word.

Why do adults need human growth hormone?

[HGH] (Human growth hormone) is secreted from the pituitary gland. Thanks to this, our body grows and grows up to adult physique. However, it begins to decrease at the peak of 15 to 20 years old. At 40 years old, it decreases to 40% at the age of 20, and to 80% at 5%. This decrease in secretion was one of the causes of aging.

With the progress of [anti-aging medicine] over the past 10 years, we have increased the secretion of [HGH] (human growth hormone) (returning it to the level when we were young), so the effect of "rejuvenation" on our bodies, Improvement of physical strength, muscle strength, energy, immunity, reduction of skin spots and wrinkles, activation of hair, enhancement of energy, improvement of memory ...

It has been confirmed through clinical trials, etc. that various aging phenomena can be improved.

Another important function of [HGH] (human growth hormone).
It is the most powerful of all the “hormones” that are made in our body, promoting the production and secretion of other hormones (estrogens, melatonin, thyroid hormones, etc.) and keeping each hormone level optimal To work out.

Now, is this wonderful human growth hormone, but is it really effective as an anti-aging treatment? Is there no risk?

In Japan, there are few cases where endocrinologists are responsible for anti-aging treatment in Japan, and it seems that cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons easily abuse human growth hormone.

There was a 600 year old man who paid an 65 10,000 yen treatment cost in half a year at a cosmetic surgery clinic in Tokyo and received anti-aging treatment after receiving human growth hormone injection.

After I stopped this treatment, I was suffering from weakness and fatigue that I had never experienced before.

It was an appeal that I wanted you to do something, but I couldn't improve it.

This cosmetic surgeon did not explain any risks, and he recommended the patient to be injected with human growth hormone with the ugly phrase that he was muscular and prone to sexual activity like a young man.

The manager of this clinic was a manager / businessman rather than a doctor who was a longlisted regular. Revenue first principle. Apparently, the company considered that medical care was a business and did not provide patient-oriented medical care.

Certainly, months after starting human growth hormone injection at this clinic, the muscles were strengthened so that the abdominal muscles were clearly separated.

Long-term administration of human growth hormone injection currently has the potential to increase the risk of developing or increasing malignant tumors, and side effects such as general malaise after administration is complete.

While endocrinologists argue carefully, I have a big question about anti-aging treatments that cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons emphasize only the benefits with insufficient knowledge.