Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology Actual situation of trouble No.5

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Example of unscrupulous cosmetic surgeon Case 1

What image does a cosmetic surgeon have?

High-income earners, tax evasion, money-life, friendship with entertainers ...

Occasionally, the media is reporting a great deal about the incidents of cosmetic surgeons, and the image of cosmetic surgeons has been created to be quite different from doctors who conduct insurance treatments socially.

Tax evasion, traps, stimulants, fatal accidents ...

Actually, the probability of committing such crimes is not high because it is a cosmetic surgeon.

Even if you think from the population ratio of society, it does not change.

There are many cosmetic surgeons who are serious, hard-working, and give medical care to patients.

I think that the news surgeon's incidents and troubles caused by news surgeries are attracting more attention, and the media reacts excessively, making it interesting and often featured on TV and magazines.

However, it is also true that there are cosmetic surgeons who are guilty of crimes or who do ridiculous wrongdoing.

Doctor I from plastic surgery was famous as an anti-aging specialist.

After graduating from the private university medical school in Kanto, I worked as a plastic surgeon, but on the way, I became an advisor to a certain wig company and was assigned a clinic.

Due to his original nature, he was treated with detaramena without a willingness to practice, and he was inundated with complaints and was focused on as a bad doctor on Friday.

After that, he sold plastic surgeons and anti-aging specialists as a lecturer at a seminar company.

Is there a lot of exposure in the media? Was active as.

At the Human Growth Hormone Seminar, it was a panic that suggested the smuggling of Human Growth Hormone and that the participants in the seminar were angry about the illegal contents of the seminar and squeezed into the seminar company and doctor I. I participated in this seminar, but it was an unprecedented event.

Dr. I was not an endocrinologist and had no solid knowledge of human growth hormone administration and skills. On the contrary, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare did not approve, and even in the United States, it boasted illegal smuggling of human growth hormone preparations whose administration is restricted.

Hormone replacement therapy is essential for anti-aging, but it is not as easy as plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons can do it with one hand.

There was also a problem for companies that invited doctors of these qualities as seminar instructors and requested expensive seminar costs.

After this, Dr. O, the master of plastic surgery, will hold a clean-up seminar at a later date. O Doctors who are respected by many doctors, such as Dr. O, do not understand that doctors with excellent achievements and careers can assist Dr. I.

Later, Dr. I was expelled from the clinic together with a doctor who worked at the company, and became a full-time doctor at a shady clinic run by the beauty salon owner and arrested for stimulant drug abuse.

I was also an adviser to an anti-aging cosmetic company.

Dr. I had already declared self-bankruptcy before arrest, and it was discovered that many fellow doctors collected money for fraud and used it for their own purposes.

I suspect I was using a stimulant while working as a doctor.

This is the end of Dr. I who sold a cosmetic surgeon as a certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. I was arrested for stimulant drugs, but her license would probably not be stripped. Months and years later, you may be shaking a scalpel like in the past, or doing hormone replacement therapy at some clinic.