Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology Actual situation of trouble No.4

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Expensive cosmetic surgery

Sometimes I see patients in my clinic who are demanding more expensive cosmetic surgery than I had imagined, and have come to the hospital because of unsatisfactory results and hope for retreatment.

It is 120 10,000 yen with a double basket.

Not only has no effect, it is only scratched.

In the burying method, around 10 10,000 yen is the market price for cosmetic surgery.

In the clinic called A, every operation requires a high treatment cost to the patient.

In the advertisement, the surgery cost according to the market price is posted.

250 10,000 yen for surgery with a nasal prosthesis.

Because your eyes are special, if you don't do your hemorrhoid surgery right away, it will be difficult to hang, and a specially famous teacher who specializes in double hemorrhoids is here today, so you should have surgery right away. Can do. If you miss this, you will regret it. For various reasons, we strongly recommend surgery and allow you to make a loan with high surgical expenses.

An act far from medical care.

In the past, this clinic was a problem that caused patients to be in a plant state due to failure of anesthesia management in cosmetic surgery.

It attracts customers with a fancy advertisement called Entertainment Production Partnership Clinic and allows a doctor with little experience in cosmetic surgery to perform surgery.

A counselor who has no medical qualifications drives the patient psychologically and invites them to surgery on the day.

There are many patients who will have surgery with a large loan as if they were hypnotized.

Cosmetic surgery should be well prepared on a different day from counseling unless you have a problem.

On the day of surgery, the clinic has the intention of not missing the patient.

There is no merit for patients on the day of surgery.

Slowly reconsider whether you really need surgery before undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery without urgency is not too late even after you have been convinced slowly.