Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology Actual situation of trouble No.3

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Trouble with male genital surgery Mystery of plastic surgery clinic.

Penis surgery is performed under the sign of plastic surgery.
There, he was put on an operating table and was humiliated by a male staff called a counselor, but it was said that he had to hit 20 collagens in order to enlarge the male genitals. There is an actual situation that a loan of 2 million yen is made on the operating table even though I went to have surgery.
This has not been improved even though it has been featured in many media such as newspapers and magazines. It ’s because I ca n’t make it public because it ’s my embarrassment.

In other words, you are crying and sleeping.

At my clinic, a student who had received an unpaid loan for 275 10,000 yen at a U clinic has been visited for consultation.

Since my advisory lawyer wanted the client's student to have a medical examination because the condition after the operation was unsatisfactory.

In addition, they were asked to see if the surgery cost of 275 10,000 yen was appropriate.

Part of the penis had excessively injected collagen left as shikori, and the sutured area was open and partially necrotic.

I was surprised at how terrible surgical techniques were.

At this clinic, I was complaining about not going to hospital. It's like a doctor telling you that you don't need to go to the hospital after surgery. There is no merit on the patient side. If you are a sensible doctor, you will be worried about the condition of the patient after surgery and you will need postoperative care. Melting threads may not be used by cosmetic surgeons who want to clean their scars.

Physicians responsible for surgery should always visit the clinic for postoperative care.

In the end, the student did not cherish the 2 week visit, but did not return the operating fee.
There is a penis enlargement operation (a long and thick operation) in addition to the phimosis, but the penis is firmly fixed in the back, so the two types of ligaments in front are cut forward. It cannot be pulled out.
Also, augmentation surgery is not recommended because it causes tissue necrosis or a saddle shape.
Most doctors who do not have ample training as cosmetic surgeons should be cautious of performing penis and long stem enlargement surgery as a specialized penis clinic.

Phimosis surgery can be problematic if it is too expensive or too cheap.

At a major cosmetic surgery clinic, we work with a part-time doctor using a simple and easy surgical procedure called the clamp method.

Surgery costs are cheap, but the scars are ugly.

There is a reasonable price for surgery.

Have doubts about treatment costs that you are not satisfied with.