Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology Actual situation of trouble No.2

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What are cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and dermatology clinics?

Cosmetic surgery / Cosmetology / Cosmetology / Dermatology / Cosmetology

Cosmetic surgery is the only medical subject officially approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Even if you do cosmetic dermatology, you can only formally advocate only cosmetic surgery departments.

HP has no special regulations, but if you place an advertisement in a town page or an official magazine, you cannot use the cosmetic dermatology department.

In Japan, if you graduate from a medical school at a university and obtain a doctor's license, you can immediately act as a doctor.

You can also choose the way you want to go.

Basically, after 2 year clinical training, the specialization is decided.

The courses of cosmetic surgery are little by little, such as Kitasato University and the University of Tokyo, but there are also specialized courses at universities.

Most of the time, however, you train under a cosmetic surgeon to acquire skills and knowledge as a cosmetic surgeon.

Unfortunately, there are significant differences in the level, and some facilities are not considered to be patient-oriented.

Do not teach surgical indications and perform cosmetic surgery if all patients wish.

Some clinics are performing surgery that has forced downtime on the day even if the operation is not suitable.

Naturally, only the merit of surgery is emphasized, and the postoperative course and risk of surgery are not explained.

A doctor who trains at these medical institutions and learns surgical techniques will open a new cosmetic surgery clinic in a short period of time.

In other words, even if insufficient training is conducted in a short period of time, a cosmetic surgery clinic that has been advocated as a cosmetic surgery can be opened.

Some teachers have been self-introduced on HP as a charismatic cosmetic surgeon who has been graduated from medical school in 2.

I am a beauty surgeon in 18. I am still studying as a cosmetic surgeon. I study every day and go back to the academic meetings and seminars to participate in the seminar.

How much experience can you gain in 1, 2 years and acquire knowledge?

This is a big question.

There are many patients who do not know that plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are very different.

Plastic surgeons are not always good cosmetic surgeons.

A good cosmetic surgeon is a doctor who treats patients as carefully and as hard as he can.