Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology Actual situation of trouble No.1

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Advertising for cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and cosmetic dermatology

Before receiving cosmetic surgery, patients collect information when deciding which medical institution to receive treatment.

Previously, paper media such as magazine advertisements and newspaper advertisements were the center, but recently, with the spread of the Internet, there are many people who obtain information by looking at the HP of medical institutions directly with each search engine. .

Many people think that they are safe because they are advertising on TV, and that they are famous because they are famous clinics.

Advertising and advertising requires a huge budget.

If you place an advertisement in a major national magazine in 1P color, the price is from 150 10,000 yen to 180 10,000 yen.

There are many clinics where the annual advertising budget can exceed 1 billion by simply placing ads in several major national magazines.

Due to the limited number of patients, the cost of advertising investment cannot be recovered without expensive surgery.

In other words, it's no wonder that clinics have come to think of making a profit by performing treatments such as breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift, and human growth hormone replacement therapy, which is said to be a cosmetic surgery dollar box. These treatments will give you a medical fee that exceeds 100 million.

In fact, there are cases where doctors with little experience are trying to collect new start-up funds as soon as possible, and these high-risk, high-return operations are the main cause of trouble.

In order to collect huge advertising costs, we recommend surgery to patients who are not indicated.

On the patient side, it is also necessary to analyze information such as cosmetic surgery, career history, expertise, etc.

A conscientious doctor will not perform any unreliable surgery or treatment.

Surgery and treatment should be performed carefully, taking into account indications.

There are never risks or disadvantages in the ad.

It ’s better to think of ads as just one piece of information.

Recently, the number of clinics where dermatologists have been treated with cosmetic dermatology treatments has increased rapidly, but there are cases where new treatments are suddenly performed only with the knowledge gained from the contractors. It would be fine if the doctor himself / herself would still do it directly, but it would be a shame if treatments that would be effective in the treatment of dermatologists who do not have medical skills are entrusted to nurses.

It is recommended that patients receive information and counseling until they are satisfied, and do not regret advertising.