Features of CARESYS

“Caresys” can be expected to be 20 times more effective than conventional ion introduction!

  • Strong cooling and penetration can be performed simultaneously, and temperature can be set to -20 ° C.
  • High penetration rate using cryo-electroporation technology.
  • Relieve muscle pain in hot mode, temperature can be set up to 45 ℃.

Effects of caresis

  • 1
    Cooling effect
    Powerful cooling reduces swelling, redness and thermal response after fractional laser and mesotherapy treatments. At the same time, it helps playback and reduces downtime.
  • 2
    Effect of drug penetration
    The effect of drug penetration is excellent and the satisfaction of treatment is increased. In addition, there is almost no skin irritation compared to existing equipment.
  • 3
    Hair treatment
    Effective drug penetrates the scalp to prevent hair loss. In addition, it induces hair growth and solves the problem of hair loss.
  • 4
    Elasticity / lifting
    Stimulate fibroblasts at medium and low frequencies. Regenerate collagen and elastin. Improves skin elasticity across the face.
  • 4
    Blemish improvement / whitening effect
    Vitamin C and whitening products penetrate deep into the skin to improve stains. It also brightens the skin color.

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