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Both ViewHot and Miradry have been promoted with a great therapeutic effect in 1 times, but in reality it is impossible to expect an effect that can be completely cured in 1 times.Is the treatment that nurses are in charge really effective?

This is because both treatment devices that generate heat using microwaves and high-frequency waves are practically impossible due to severe burns on the skin when treated so strongly as to destroy sweat glands in 1 times.

The doctors who are currently taking these treatments seem to explain to patients that “1 times are enough.” “1 times have long-term effects.” Long-term prognosis may not be confirmed.

In particular, ViewHot has been clinically introduced to medical institutions in less than 1 years. It is doubtful that there are doctors who assert their long-term prognosis despite their absence.

Patients who have received View Hot or Mira Dry treatment and have no effect at all and wish to re-treat will continue to come. The effect is not comparable to EL treatment.

* Both View Hot and Mira Dry are considered to be effective if performed multiple times, such as 3-6 times 1 Cool. It is impossible to do it in 1 times. In no way does it deny the effectiveness of these treatments.

It is an expensive treatment even in 1 times, a long-term prognosis has not yet been confirmed in clinical practice in Japan, there are also facilities where nurses are operating, theoretically the treatment that destroys sweat glands at pinpoint None, there are problems, and this is a treatment that should be understood and understood.

If you can see the doctors and manufacturers who are asserted theoretically and clinically that the 1 times of Miradry and View Hot treatments are more effective than the EL method, please let me discuss the effectiveness. I'm happy if you can.

By Mira Dry
Wakiga treatment

The EL method promises higher effectiveness and convenience in almost all items such as sustained effect, downtime after treatment, pain, treatment time, anesthesia risk, etc. compared to Mira Dry.

The new hyperhidrosis “Miradry”, which is now attracting attention, equipped with microwaves (ultrashort waves), can achieve the same therapeutic effect as surgery without cutting the skin. The long-term effect is left to future study.
In Europe and the United States, there are papers that recognize the effectiveness against sweat, but there are few papers on the effects of odor.

In fact, there are many patients who have not felt the effects of Miradry treatment at this hospital and wish to be re-treated if they are completely restored.

Even after Mira Dry treatment, EL method is possible without any problemPlease feel free to contact us.

Also, depending on the facility, there may be cases where nurses are entrusted with treatment.
Advanced and skilled treatments that do not require technology will lower the price of the system, and if it is introduced at many medical institutions, treatment will be established and may become one of the options.

■ Miradry treatment

Time 60 to 90 minutes
painAfter surgery, the frequency of strong pain is high
scarPossibility of ugly burn marks due to burns
Going to hospitalComplete cure in one time is difficult
Daily life restrictionsHas downtime
bathingNo bathing on the day
EffectSemi-permanent, temporary
Effect manifestationSame day effect is unknown
安全 性Also reports of neuropathy and burns
TargetDifficult for children
Treatment benefitsNo fixing required

By view hot
Wakiga treatment

Recently, several patients who have been treated with view hot and treated with hyperhidrosis and have no therapeutic effect have left their marks conspicuous.

View Hot was developed in Korea based on the theory that a needle is randomly inserted into the skin (non-selective system) and heat is applied to the dermis and under the skin to destroy the sweat glands.

But there are major drawbacks. First of all, it is a non-selective treatment that damages the skin even more than expected, causing damage to the skin more than expected, trying to produce a therapeutic effect at one time, causing partial burns. Compared with the EL method that destroys sweat glands at a pinpoint, the effect is reduced.

The EL method treats pores one by one reliably, so there is very little damage to normal skin, and there are no burn marks left like view hot.

The treatment of wakiga / hyperhidrosis with View Hot has not yet been established for a long-term prognosis, and the effect varies greatly depending on the operator, and there are cases where nurses are working according to the facility.

Please feel free to consult us about patients who were not effective after receiving View Hot treatment and those who still have burn scars and pigmentation due to View Hot.

■ View hot treatment
Time30 to 60 minutes
painIt ’s also possible to have strong pain
scarPossibility of ugly burn scar, keloid, pigmentation
Going to hospitalLong-term prognosis unknown
Daily life restrictionsalmost none
bathingNo bath on the same day
EffectTemporary, semi-permanent
Effect manifestationSame day effect is unknown
安全 性Risk of spot burns
TargetUnknown effect on children
Treatment benefitsNo fixing required

Scratches after view hot

Numerous patients who have received View Hot treatment and have no therapeutic effect, and have left their marks clearly, have come to the hospital.

Non-selective treatment that damages the skin more than expected, causes partial burns, and damages normal skinis. Securely destroy sweat glands with pinpointELCompared with the law, the effect is less.

The view hot treatment has not yet been confirmed, and there is a big difference in the effect depending on the surgeon. The patients who were not effective after receiving the view hot treatment are satisfied with the great effect of the EL method, so please consult our hospital for treatment of wakiga and hyperhidrosis.

* Not all view hot treatments leave scars. Trouble has occurred in the case of nurses in some medical institutions.

Wakiga surgery scar

Treatment that can be done without going to hospital is not surgery, and if you do surgery, you will need to go to hospital several times.

In particular, post-operative rest and fixation greatly affect the results of post-surgical and hyperhidrosis surgery and the condition of the wound. Insufficient fixation increases the risk of hematoma forming under the skin and causing necrosis of the skin. When the skin is necrotic, the scars become ugly and can be unsightly.

Scar after surgery
Scar after surgery

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