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Piercing / Body Piercing

No initial medical examination fee or medical examination fee is required. The director always performs the treatment.

Ear piercing
(With medical earrings)

One ear lobe 1,990 yen (excluding tax)

Navel piercing
(With medical earrings)

7,806 yen (tax exception)

The photograph is an image.

Body piercing

10,000 yen (tax exception)

In case of body piercing, please bring your own piercing.
Always use anesthesia for treatment. Treatment costs include anesthesia costs.

About earrings

Piercing piercing is called piercing, and it may be done by yourself or in the shop, but it may cause infection, close the earring hole too soon, or repeatedly cause inflammation. We recommend the treatment with.

Earlobe pierced earrings can be created and worn in an instant using a device called a piercer.
However, anesthesia is performed on the cartilage area of ​​the ear, and creating a solid pierced hole with a special needle completes a clean pierced hole with less pain.

It can be piercing everywhere including ear lobe, ear cartilage, tongue, lips, nose, nipples, chest, scrotum and small labia.
Because it uses anesthesia, there is no pain during or after treatment.

The piercing hall will be completed in about 4 weeks.

If the pierced hole is too narrow, trouble may occur, so it is recommended to wear a medical pierced earring or a slightly thicker pierced earring.

Trouble after piercing

Piercing is a medical practice and should not be done at a piercing store. There are piercers that can be opened on your own, but clinics often use this instrument to cause troubles and reopen them.

If you don't think it is pierced but enjoy fashionable, be safe. We recommend treatment at a medical institution.

Although it is okay at the beginning of wearing pierced earrings, it seems that there are many cases that people get used to piercings after 2 to 3 months and bleed and get infected when they are replaced with commercial piercings. This can be prevented with care. However, once infected, most of them cannot be cured without removing their earrings. If you remove the pierced earrings, it will almost always be cured. Medical piercings are thicker than commercial piercings, so you can make a piercing hole firmly. If possible, avoid piercing the same part.

If you have already had a metal allergy with a bracelet or necklace, you should not open your earrings.
Nickel is the most common cause of metal allergies. Some cheap earrings use an alloy containing nickel on a gold-plated base, and if it dissolves in sweat and is absorbed by the skin, an allergic reaction occurs in people with weak skin, causing a rash. The There seems to be a rare person who can be worn with pure gold. Metal allergies are rare.
Medical earrings are 24K gold, so it is not a problem unless you are allergic to metal.

If you tighten the earring catches too tightly, the earlobe skin is compressed and blood circulation worsens. Then the surface of the skin will sag and collapse. If you leave it as it is, the earrings will continue to sink into the skin. Finally, the piercing itself may be buried in the skin and cannot be removed without incision.
To prevent this from happening, the catch must be loosely attached. Especially if you have a thick earlobe and put on a pierced earring with a short axis, it is easy to tighten the catch so that it will not drop, so be careful not to continue such a state for days .
There are cases where the pierced head is buried and cases where the catch is buried. In either case, local anesthesia will be performed, the skin will be incised with a scalpel, and the piercing will be removed. At this time, it seems that there is often no piercing hole left.

The worst piercing trouble. Ordinary wounds may temporarily turn red or hard during healing. However, unlike ordinary wounds, keloids do not heal redness or hardness. Not only that, it will grow bigger and bigger. Even if it is taken by surgery, it almost recurs. This is also the best prevention. You should refrain from keloid constitution. Treatment is effective with pressure therapy and steroid application while the keloid is small. Surgery is still necessary because it is not possible to wear the therapeutic earrings when the keloid is large to some extent. Symptoms are difficult to treat.

The pierced hole may tear. There are 2 patterns. One is a pattern in which strong force is applied to the piercing and tears at once. It happens when the piercing gets caught in something. Of course, because the skin is torn, it bleeds and treatment is required. The other is when tearing slowly. If you always wear heavy pierced earrings, the pierced hole will gradually grow downward due to the weight. Finally, it will tear completely to the end of the earlobe. In this case, there is no bleeding, so it seems that some people have left it, but the deformation of the earlobe remains.


Earlobe earrings (one ear) 1,990 yen(Tax not included)
* Extra disinfection fee is required
Earlobe earrings (both ears) 3,980 yen(Tax not included)
* Extra disinfection fee is required
Navel piercing 7,806 yen(Tax not included)
* Extra disinfection fee is required
Body piercing 10,000 yen(Tax not included)
* Extra disinfection fee is required
  • No initial fee is required. An insurance card is also unnecessary.
  • Please make a reservation because it is a complete reservation system.
  • Separate fee for disinfectant is required.
  • If you are a minor (aged under 19), please have your parent's consent form (I accept that you will pierce the memo.
  • Make sure to mark your earrings with a magic pen before you visit.
  • The position cannot be determined here. If you do not mark your own visit, you may not be able to pierce. There is no fixed or standard position for piercing. The marking is done according to the patient's request.


This hospital requires a complete reservation, so a reservation is required.

there is no need.
However, for minors, a consent form is required. Since there is no specification of the form, I agree to open the date, guardian name and piercing. Please bring your personal seal with a stamp.

Earlobe and navel piercing are available here, but other parts are requested.
In addition, please come to the hospital after marking with a magic pen etc. as you decide the position by yourself.

For earlobe piercing, we use piercers, so there is almost no pain.
Body piercings (navels, ear cartilage, tongue, eyebrows, etc.) will be anesthetized, so there will be no pain.

Longer and straighter design than the part where you want to open the earrings,14~18GPlease bring your own.

There are individual differences until the piercing hole is fully opened, but it is better to leave earlobe piercings for 1-2 months and body piercings for 2-3 months.

We have given you a vitamin C derivative that will repair the wound, so please use it as a disinfectant.
Do not use a commercially available disinfectant, as it will destroy cells that regenerate the skin.

For earlobe and navel piercings, please feel at ease as we offer medical earrings with pure gold plating at our hospital.

When opening the body piercing, you will be anesthetized. You can open the earrings in a short time without pain.

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