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女性器・小陰唇は名古屋なら さかえクリニック

Female genitals (small labia)

We consider it.

In particular, there are many people who are worried about female genitals (small labia) because they do not understand the general standards.

Common problems with small labia are "size", "difference between left and right", "worried about darkening", etc., but all can be improved by surgery. There are various types of labia states.
Generally, if the length of the fold exceeds 2 centimeters, it is considered an indication for surgery.

The condition of the female genitalia before and after surgery can be confirmed from the monitor patient's photos, and you can be convinced to undergo surgery.

Shower will be available from the day after surgery. Bathing is possible from the next day.
If the suture is a meltable thread, scars will remain severely, so we will not use it, and we will use nylon thread that does not leave scars.
Thread removal is possible on the 5th to 7th day.
For patients who can undergo small labia surgery, we have a medical treatment system that considers privacy.
We pay careful attention to pain and scars and perform careful examination, counseling and surgery.

Surgery with no restrictions on daily life.

The operation time is about 20 minutes. Postoperative pain is also small, and the procedure ends after one or two visits.

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Treatment timeAbout 20 minutes
Going to hospitalCounseling / surgery / thread removal 3 times in total

Surgery for female genitals

How to operate female genitals
There are 2 streets.

On the day of minor labia surgery, there will be no rest and there will be no scratches on minor labia surgery. It can be arranged in a normal shape. Small labia surgery is not rare. Please feel free to consult with 1 people. A simple operation will solve your problems.

Surgery for female genitals
Surgery for female genitals


Surgical cost (one side)140,000 Yen(154,000 yen)
Free medical treatment (not covered by insurance medical treatment)

Risks / side effects / complications

Female genital surgery is unlikely to be a risk if performed by a specialist, but in rare cases it may cause postoperative bleeding.This is because the branches of the vulvar artery nourish the labia minora, which can cause postoperative bleeding if the artery is not cut and tightly coagulated and sutured.

It is a complication that can occur if you walk for a long time, ride a motorcycle or bicycle, or drink a lot of alcohol immediately after surgery. Please rest on the day.

In some cases, the surgical method can be excessively removed and become dented. Before the operation, care must be taken to ensure that the design is not unnatural.
When urinating, pain may appear in the affected area slightly for 2-3 days, but it is temporary. The genital area is rarely infected.


In general, if your labia width is more than 2 cm, you should have surgery.
The same applies when there is a difference between left and right.

No hospitalization is required, but please rest on the day of surgery.
You will come to the hospital 5-7 days later to remove the thread.
A total of 3 visits are required for counseling, surgery, and thread removal.

This hospital requires a complete reservation system.
The female staff will take care of you and guide you with the utmost care so that you do not meet other patients too much.

We are preparing rooms that do not have to meet with other patients.
You can spend your time outside of surgery, such as after surgery, while waiting.

After the surgery, you will have to take a rest in your room and return to your home.
Of course, it's okay to come home using a car by transportation or driving yourself.
However, if you move too much, you may bleed, so you should avoid shopping.
Please return to your home as soon as possible and rest at home.

It is not a procedure that bleeds a lot during and after surgery.
There is only a slight amount of blood on the napkin after surgery.

We provide emergency contact information depending on the type of treatment.
If you have any concerns after returning home, please contact that phone number even outside the consultation hours.

Please refrain from biking, biking and intense sports for a week.
Sexual negotiations are possible after 2 weeks.

Please avoid bathing on the day.
Shower is available from the day after surgery. Bathing is possible from the next day.
Work can be done from the next day if it is office work.

The scars are inconspicuous and it is almost unknown that the surgery was performed.
At the time of counseling, you can see the case photos before and after the surgery, and you will be satisfied with the surgery.

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Medical doctor

Director and Medical Doctor Nobuhiro Suetake

  • 1987 Graduated from National Gifu University School of Medicine
  • 1st Department of Surgery, Gifu University Hospital, 1987
  • 1991 Instructed young doctors at major cosmetic surgery clinics in major cities nationwide, chief doctor
  • 1996 Year Sakae Clinic opened
  • 2011 Graduated from Juntendo University School of Medicine
  • 2012 Part-time lecturer at Juntendo University School of Medicine

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