Second arm stubble-treatment for lichen planus

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What is pore lichen?

Capillary lichen is
It happens by heredity.

Skin symptoms appear at the beginning of spring, also known as pore keratosis. Appears symmetrically only on the extended side of the upper arm.
It feels like the pores are clogged, and it is in a state of rounding and rising with a diameter of 2 to 3mm to match the pores. Since this is a hard ratio, it is a state that it has become rough or rough.

If you look closely, there are some that have vellus hair in the center. In other words, the area around the exit of the pore is keratinized, and this disease name is attached.
The color is the same color as the skin, brown, red, etc. There are no subjective symptoms such as itching or pain.
For people with a wide range, some people appear on the stretched side of the thigh and the back.

There are things that can be done on the face, but at that time, the part of the sideburns from the cheeks is reddish brown, and there is a similar mixture of lumps.
This is facial hair follicular erythema black skin disease
It is often found in young men, but of course it also appears in young women.
Capillary lichen is caused by heredity. It is autosomal dominant inheritance.

This means that there is no difference between men and women, and if one of the parents has this disease, the rate of inheritance in the child increases. In addition, people in this family are more likely to be obese. I mentioned that lichen planus appears around puberty, but it disappears spontaneously after the middle age of about 50 years old.

It is recommended that you treat if you are worried about, because it does not look good.
The treatment of psoriatic lichen has been improved almost satisfactorily with the development of excellent treatments recently, and it has achieved satisfactory results.

Treatment of psoriatic lichen

By derma roller
Regenerative medicine

There are medical institutions that use urea and salicylic acid ointment, but treatment effects are hardly expected. Treatment of topical drugs (paints) as a treatment for pore lichen is almost in vain.

In our hospital, the treatment of psoriatic lichen is clogged in the pores using a medical device that is set on a roller with a fine special needle (thin enough to be confirmed with the naked eye) used to treat regenerative medicine called Derma Roller. We will remove the keratinized part.
The effect can be realized immediately because it can be removed reliably.

If you wish to have a pain-free procedure, use an anesthetic you apply.
Redness will appear for several days, but bathing is possible from that day and there are no restrictions on daily life.

This treatment is difficult to improve without a specialist.
There are many people who have been given up because they cannot be treated by general dermatology.
Please consult our hospital, which is a specialized medical institution, to ensure treatment.

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Treatment timeAbout 5 minutes
Number of treatments3 times 1 Cool treatment is recommended.
Side effectsReport does not.


1 times 80,000 yen(Tax not included)
3 times course 216,000 yen(Tax not included)
6 times course 336,000 yen(Tax not included)
10 times course 450,000 yen(Tax not included)

* Patients who want painless treatment will need anesthesia fee of 2,000 (excluding tax) once.
* Dermaroller cost of 20,000 yen (excluding tax) is required for treating lichen planus.

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