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Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal

The tattoo pigment can be erased instantly with little damage to the skin.
After irradiation, the amount of pigment is greatly reduced, and even after 1 treatments, it becomes inconspicuous like a photograph.

The pain during laser irradiation is the extent to which the rubber band is repelled, but if you are sensitive to pain, you can rest assured that anesthetic with a coating will be used. (There are individual differences in pain.)

Using a Q-switched laser, 1 billions of seconds can be used to irradiate the pigment with laser light and destroy the pigment present in the skin.

Treatment timeAbout 5 minutes
Treatment interval1 month or more
Side effectsReport does not.

Case photo

You can erase tattoo pigments instantly with little damage to your skin.
After the irradiation, the pigment of the tattoo (tattoo) is greatly reduced, and even 1 treatments are not as noticeable as in the photo.

Tattoo removal case photo
Tattoo removal case photo

Main risks and side effects: After laser irradiation, slight redness and bleeding may occur for 2-3 days. Postoperative pain disappears in about 3 hours. Since it is impossible to rule out the possibility of burn scars after intense irradiation, it is recommended to divide a tattoo (tattoo) that is assumed to have a large area or a pigment in the deep part of the dermis.


Test irradiation 10,000 yen(Tax not included)

* Test irradiation will be performed to observe the treatment effect, and we will provide details such as the estimate, the number of treatments, and the treatment period. There is no sudden range of treatments or expensive treatments recommended.Since there are colors and conditions that have a poor therapeutic effect, we recommend that you test irradiation first.

Risk, side effects, complications

Removal of tattoos in the case of surgery can be burdensome, have long downtime, and risk of hypertrophic scars and keloids.
If the laser does not respond according to the color of the tattoo, it will not only be effective, but it may also cause burns.

Since YAG laser is strong in energy, some subcutaneous bleeding may be observed at the irradiated site or minor burns may occur. Care with wound dressing will heal in a short time without feeling pain. The

Depending on the amount, depth, and type of dye, multiple treatments may be required, so a part of the test irradiation is performed, and the patient confirms and confirms the improvement status and progress. It is recommended to irradiate a tattoo.

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