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Atopic dermatitis

Subject to medical expenses deduction.

In case of topical or internal medicine only, insurance will be applied.

What is atopic dermatitis

With itching
Repeat eczema

Atopic dermatitis is a disease in which itchy eczema repeatedly improves and worsens chronically. In atopic dermatitis, the “barrier function” of the skin (function to protect the inside of the body from various irritation and dryness of the outside world) is reduced, and it is easy for antigens and stimuli to enter from outside. Binds to immune cells and causes allergic inflammation.

In addition, the nerves that feel itching extend to the surface of the skin, making it easy to feel itching.

As a trial for atopic dermatitis, our hospital prioritizes treatment for which there is evidence.
Among them, we believe that semiconductor laser irradiation near the stellate ganglion is clinically effective.

Atopy treatment

Semiconductor laser therapy

Laser irradiation of stellate ganglion

The same effects as steroids can improve atopic symptoms without side effects. Irradiation can be performed by children regardless of age.

At academic conferences, it is used as a treatment for atopic dermatitis, and attention has been paid to the fact that the therapeutic effects of using strong-class steroid ointments have been reported. By irradiating the vicinity of the stellate ganglion with a semiconductor laser, homeostasis (homeostasis) can be obtained, which balances the breakdown of biological functions and provides aging care.

Atopic dermatitis treatment at our hospital is a treatment that has no evidence of side effects and for which there is evidence

Initial examination fee3,000 Yen(3,300 yen)
1 times (5 minutes)3,000 Yen(3,300 yen)

Treatment will be open medical treatment (not covered by insurance).


Active oxygen removal system air energy

Healing with few side effects
Atopy treatment

Aromatherapy regulates and improves immunity by removing active oxygen that causes atopy. Healing with few side effectsatopicThis is a treatment for dermatitis.

The system used for aging care (anti-aging) and medical support for athletes is AirNergy developed in Germany. Aergy is a revolutionary system that takes in components with antioxidant properties that directly act on reactive oxygen into the lungs through respiration and removes excess reactive oxygen.

First time (including initial examination fee)15 minutes 5,000 Yen(5,500 yen)
After 215 minutes 3,000 Yen(3,300 yen)

Treatment will be open medical treatment (not covered by insurance).

Placenta injection

Treatment with few side effects

Placenta is a new treatment for atopy with few side effects.

Placenta's immunoregulatory, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, hormone-regulating, and basal metabolism-improving actions are thought to act in combination.

Initial examination fee3,000 Yen(3,300 yen)
1 ampoule2,000 Yen(2,200 yen)
* From 2 ampoule.

Treatment will be open medical treatment (not covered by insurance).

Care at home

Vitamin C derivative lotion

Vitamin C derivative lotion, which is also known for its beautiful skin and whitening effect, produced by Director Suebu. It has a skin and whitening effect that suppresses and reduces the production of melanin pigments, and is also effective in pigmentation.

Hot tub

Hot Tab

Just take a bath, the hot tub removes chlorine and chlorine, and even people with sensitive skin and babies can take a bath. By exerting the effect of bicarbonate ions to enhance blood flow, the hair follicles of the skin open, enhancing the natural cleaning effect, and preventing and healing the skin from becoming rough and dry due to daily sweat, sunlight and ultraviolet rays.


Subject to medical expenses deduction.

In case of topical or internal medicine only, insurance will be applied.

Semiconductor laser therapy

Initial examination fee3,000 Yen(3,300 yen)
1 times 5 minutes3,000 Yen(3,300 yen)

* Treatment is free medical care (not covered by insurance).


First time (including initial examination fee)20 minutes 5,000 yen(5,500 yen)
After 23,000 Yen(3,300 yen)

* Treatment is free medical care (not covered by insurance).

Placenta injection

Initial examination fee3,000 Yen(3,300 yen)
1 ampoule2,000 Yen(2,200 yen)
* From 2 ampoule.

* Treatment is free medical care (not covered by insurance).

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Article information

At our clinic, we started an attempt to capture the deterioration of atopic dermatitis due to stress as a quantitative evaluation of autonomic nervous function using the heart rate variability analysis system.

Low power level laser therapy (LLLT) in atopic dermatitis (AD) has a therapeutic purpose as a symptomatic treatment that irradiates the phase to suppress itching. Another method is to irradiate near the stellate ganglion to suppress or improve itching, redness, rash area, etc. Wakasugi is the mechanism of action of stellate ganglion block (SGB) therapy, which activates the natural healing power (= homeostasis) in the human body and leads to healing, such as atopic dermatitis He states that SGB therapy is effective for allergic diseases.

Even when LLLT is performed in the vicinity of the stellate ganglion in AD patients, the sympathetic function suppression effect is obtained in the same way as SGB with local anesthetics, and the tension autonomic nerve is stabilized, such as improving the quality of sleep. It has been confirmed that symptoms are relieved.
Focusing on this point, the indication is limited to AD cases where sympathetic nerves with severe symptoms are unstable, and LLLT is performed near the stellate ganglion.
For LLLT, Medilaser software (830nm, output ①150mW, ②1000mW, ③10W pulse irradiation (irradiation time 20 milliseconds, pause time 180 milliseconds)) of near-infrared laser irradiation equipment is used. The cervical stellate ganglion was irradiated with 3 for one side and 5 for both sides. As a general rule, 10 days are 1 times, and the frequency is 1 to 1 times a week.

AD is a typical psychosomatic disease that is aggravated by stress. Stress increases anxiety and often leads to depression, or neurosis or so-called autonomic dystonia. As a result, autonomic nerves become increasingly unstable, and AD symptoms worsen. There is a negative chain phenomenon in which the symptom worsening itself becomes intrinsic stress, and it worsens spirally. When LLLT is performed near stellate ganglia in severe cases under such difficult circumstances, the sympathetic dominant state caused by stress is suppressed, and the vicious circle is interrupted and AD itself improves in many cases. .

Through clinical application of this therapy, we investigated the relationship between stress, psychological problems, autonomic disturbances and changes in symptoms in refractory AD cases. Currently, it is LLLT near the stellate ganglion, which is only an adjunct therapy for AD, but physical therapy is expected to develop with a more fundamental therapeutic purpose of stabilizing stressed autonomic tone State that.