Consultation about wounds and scars

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Most people do not know where to consult for wounds or scars.

Surgery? Orthopedics? Plastic surgery? Cosmetic Surgery? A cosmetic dermatologist? Dermatology?


Unfortunately, there are no medical institutions in Japan that specialize in wounds and scars.


Especially for mothers with small children, wounds are one of the more important concerns than studying children.

Small children are prone to accidents and injuries that can quickly create scars or leave scars.

I think some children have scars that hurt their parents' responsibility and heart.

Yesterday there was a consultation about scars.


There are scars that cannot be improved even with medical treatment.

Although we have achieved good results by introducing fractional lasers and growth factors in addition to surgical treatment as a treatment for scars, it is most important to clean the wounds with the initial treatment and I want many people to know I know.


In this column, I briefly summarized this time.

I think it will be helpful for athlete instructors and trainers, mothers with children, and those who work in education.


As shown in the photo, there are cases where the gauze is stuck in steps with staples and the gauze is stuck into the wound.


Gauze, disinfection, staples ... absolutely no use.