Earrings are OK even in summer

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The number of ear piercing patients decreases in summer.
Is this a superstition that if you open your earrings in the summer, you'll get abscess?
There is no data that increases the chance of suppuration even if piercing in summer.
Some people think that they sweat and then pus, but sweat and suppuration have nothing to do with it.

Causes of suppuration

1: Have basic diseases such as diabetes

2: Delayed wound healing by disinfecting the piercing site more than necessary

3: Without cleaning the piercing site, the dirt accumulated and became the source of infection

4: Pierce catch was too tight and caused blood flow failure

In other words, earrings can be worn even in summer if they are washed without excessive disinfection.

Of course, if you leave it sweat, it is easy to accumulate dirt. If left unattended, it is expected that the possibility of infection will be slightly higher in summer, but in general it is OK even in summer.

I think it ’s easier to enjoy fashion in the summer, so I think more piercing patients can be added…