High concentration vitamin C drip

High concentration vitamin C drip

Antioxidant and aging care effects of vitamin C

Vitamin C exerts a strong antioxidant effect when it is oxidized, but it generates a large amount of hydrogen peroxide. When high concentrations of vitamin C are given into the blood, normal cells can neutralize hydrogen peroxide, but cancer cells cannot die and die. In other words, high-concentration vitamin C works as an “anticancer agent” for cancer cells and as an activating effect for normal cells.
In addition, there is no toxicity or damage to normal cells that tend to be normal anticancer drugs, so there are no side effects.

It is a treatment that is currently used in aging care as a new adjuvant / alternative treatment for cancer treatment, as well as prevention of viral diseases and cell rejuvenation.

Even if a large amount of vitamin C is taken with an oral preparation, the blood concentration cannot reach a certain level. It has been confirmed that a high concentration of vitamin C can be administered directly by infusion to increase the blood concentration at a stretch, resulting in various effective effects in the body.

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Treatment timeAbout 40-50 minutes

Recommended treatment

  • I'm worried about dull skin and spots
  • I'm worried about the skin's skin wrinkles and wrinkles
  • Those who have a chronic feeling of fatigue or are prone to fatigue
  • Those who are acne-prone and difficult to cure
  • Those who tend to catch a cold

High concentration vitamin C drip
Efficacy of


Initial examination fee 3,000 yen(Tax not included)
1 times 25,000 yen(Tax not included)


Vitamin content is completely different.

Contains distilled water 200ml, high-concentration vitamins, and magnesium to relieve vascular pain.

You can expect effects such as skin beautification, whitening, cancer prevention, and fatigue recovery.

40 minutes to 50 minutes

The doctor sees the condition and guides the next schedule. (There are individual differences.)

Basically you go to sleep, but you can also sit down.
You can sleep, rest, read a magazine, or relax.

It takes some time because the amount of drip is larger than normal drip.
It takes about 40 minutes to 1 hours. Since there are symptoms such as dryness of the throat during treatment, we will prepare drinks and try to relax and receive treatment.

Because the concentration is higher than normal infusion, some vascular pain occurs.
However, slow surgery can ease the pain.
Since this hospital is a beauty clinic, unlike ordinary insurance clinics, we are very careful to avoid pain and internal bleeding.

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