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Placenta injection

What is placenta injection?

Spots and dullness disappear
For smooth skin

In order to relieve spots and wrinkles, a placenta injection is performed by a doctor.
It was discovered that the placenta (placenta) was implanted subcutaneously in the former Soviet Union at the beginning of this century. It was found to be effective for scars and stomach ulcers. It became the placenta injectable medicine for liver disease and menopause. There are many effects of placenta treatment, but in addition to medical effects such as improving immunity and recovering from fatigue, skin beautifying effects can also be expected.

It was discovered that spots and wrinkles disappeared as a result of this placenta injection, and the placenta effect was found to be higher than applying placenta extract formulated in quasi-drug cosmetics that whiten whitening.

With placenta injections 2 times a week, the stains become thinner in about a month, and the skin becomes smoother and wrinkles become thinner.

Main benefits of placenta
(There are individual differences)

Stain, dullness1 injections often eliminate skin dullness.
Continuation of 2 injections per week for about 1 to 3 months will reduce spots.
In addition to the fact that the spots actually become thinner, the color unevenness of the skin is eliminated and there is also a whitening effect.
Wrinkles and slack1 injections will soften your skin.
Continuing 2 injections per week for 3 months will reduce wrinkles as well as spots.
The skin will return to the skin, and the dryness of the skin will be eliminated and the skin will become smooth.
Gray hairThere are many cases in which gray hair has been reduced and black hair has been growing after 1 weekly injections for six months to several years.
Similarly, there are cases where hair grows even though individual differences are large.
Stiff shoulderThe fast-acting effects are stiff shoulders and fatigue recovery.
1 degree injection improves.
It is highly effective for sleep deprivation and muscle fatigue, reducing eye strain, and keeping your eyes clean.


Initial examination fee 3,000 yen(Tax not included)
1 ampoule
* From 2 ampoule.
2,000 yen(Tax not included)


Aging care, liver function improvement, whitening / skinning action, recovery of fatigue / cold, recovery of acne / allergy / atopy, improvement of end-stage symptoms of cancer, improvement of menopause, and menstrual pain.

Treatment time is about 3 minutes for subcutaneous injection.
As a precaution, blood donation may not be possible due to an extract derived from human placenta (however, with consent between families)

About 2 to 3 minutes.

We recommend a pace once or twice a week.

Since the components are absorbed directly from the blood vessels, the effect can be expected to be tens of times that of supplements.

If you have 1-2 injections per week, you do not need to take supplements.

Because it is an injection, there will be some pain, but this hospital is a beauty clinic,
Unlike normal medical insurance hospitals, we are very careful to avoid pain and internal bleeding.

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