Beauty drip

Original beauty drip

Original beauty drip containing effective ingredients for beautiful skin.

In addition to several active ingredients that are effective for beautiful skin, this is a treatment that can be expected to become beautiful skin efficiently by performing detoxification with ingredients that act to expel toxins out of the body quickly. High effect can be expected for melasma.

Sakae Clinic's original beauty infusions help the liver, the largest detoxifying organ in the human body, rapidly excrete toxins out of the body, and at the same time, effective ingredients such as vitamin C and tranexamic acid, which are effective for beautiful skin. By injecting directly into the body, it can be expected that skin will become more efficient and efficient.

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Treatment timeAbout 15 to 20 minutes

Beauty drip effect

  • Fatigue recovery
  • People who often drink alcohol
  • Whole body whitening, beautiful skin, rough skin
  • Stiff shoulders / low back pain
  • Antiallergic action

Main ingredients of beauty drip

  • 1
    Glycyrrhizic acid
    It is extracted from the Chinese herbal medicine licorice. Detox (detoxification) anti-inflammatory action Anti-allergic action Eczema / dermatitis, urticaria, cutaneous pruritus, drug eruption / addiction rash, stomatitis, improve liver function abnormalities in chronic liver disease. Others are metabolism up and melanin reduction.
  • 2
    In cooperation with vitamin C, it suppresses the formation of melanin and prevents spots and freckles. In addition, it temporarily binds to the antioxidant mineral selenium, protects the body from radiation such as X-rays, and discharges harmful metals. As a constituent material of hair and skin, it helps turnover of skin, prevents baldness, wipes and scabies, and keeps nails and skin healthy. Because L-cysteine ​​contains sulfur, it is converted to sulfuric acid when metabolized, and emits harmful metals such as mercury and lead, or extra metals that are not harmful.
  • 3
    Glutathione helps liver function and is used for chronic liver damage. It also helps detoxification, so it is used for drug addiction, morning sickness and pregnancy toxemia. In addition, it can be expected to be effective against acute eczema, chronic eczema, dermatitis, urticaria, Lille dermatoses, melasma, and pigmentation after inflammation.
  • 4
    Tranexamic acid
    It is a drug that has both the action of suppressing the production of melanin and the action of suppressing inflammation. From these action mechanisms, it achieves a whitening effect and a rough skin improvement effect at the same time. In particular, the combined use of vitamin C and tranexamic acid can be expected to be effective against melasma, post-inflammation pigmentation, and red and black acne scars.
  • 5
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin C has the effect of keeping skin firm and preventing spots and wrinkles, increasing resistance to viruses and bacteria, preventing colds and infections, relieving stress, lowering blood cholesterol, It has a variety of roles, such as suppressing the production of cancer substances, promoting the production of collagen and suppressing the production of melanin pigment. Vitamin C is indispensable for beautiful women because its beauty effects include whitening, restoring skin firmness, reducing spots and dullness, suppressing the formation of melanin pigment (whitening), and alleviating menstrual pain. I ca n’t do anything.


Initial examination fee3,000 Yen(3,300 yen)
1 times15,000 Yen(16,500 yen)

* Treatment is free medical care (not covered by insurance).

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