Reading Time: <1 minuteA4M International Conference Sports Medicine Session Next Generation Training Method Lung Activity I gave a lecture.Thank you to Dr. Ryozo Saito, who is also an entrepreneur, and Dr. Aimi Kuroda, who is also an elite athlete. At the venue, I met Dr. Akira Aoki for the first time in a long time.An activity meter that generates electricity at body temperature and operates forever has been developed. Next-generation health methods and training must be supported by evidence.We don't need charismatic trainers who preach baseless health methods and training. Lung activity will undoubtedly attract attention as a new training and health method for Reiwa. Under the guidance of many teachers.I would like to study and research every day.thank you.If you are looking for cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, petit plastic surgery, armpit treatment, or diet in Nagoya, please contact Kanohanasakae Clinic.