Reading Time: <1 minuteThank you for your continued patronage of Sakae Clinic.It is a very painful decision, but due to the recent social situation and rising expenses, we have decided to revise the surgery price for medical hair removal as follows from January 2023, 1.・Armpit 6 times course 4 yen ・Below elbow 39,600 times course 4 yen ・Above elbow 198,000 times course 4 yen ・Below elbow, above elbow (both arms) 258,000 times course 4 yen ・Below knee 364,800 times course 4 yen ・Above knee 258,000 times course 4 yen ・Below knees/above knees (whole legs) 318,000 times course 4 yen ・V or I or O line 460,800 times course 4 yen ・Upper back (dress line) 98,000 times course 4 yen ・Whole back (up to waist) ) 98,000 times course 4 yen Chest or waist 138,000 time 1 yen Chest or waist 78,000 times 6 yen Chest or waist 398,000 times 10 Mouth circumference 598,000 time 13,800 yen Mouth circumference 6 times 79,800 yen Mouth circumference 10 times 99,800 yen ・Whole face 17,800 time 6 yen ・Whole face 99,800 times 10 yen ・Whole face 159,800 times 13,800 yen , nape, fingers/back, toes/back, etc.) 6 times 79,800 yen ・S parts (sideburns, nape, fingers/back, toes/back etc.) 10 times 99,800 yen ・M parts (buttocks, waist, etc.) 17,800 time 6 yen ・M parts (buttocks, waist, etc.) 99,800 times 10 yen ・M parts (buttocks, waist, etc.) 159,800 times XNUMX yen If you have any other desired parts, please contact us. ・Anesthesia fee 11,000 yen ・Shaving fee 11,000 yen Customers who have made reservations by December 12th will be informed of the price before the revision.We will continue to strive to further improve our services, so we ask for your continued patronage.Sakae Clinic Director Nobuhiro Suetake