Reading Time: <1 minuteThank you for your continued patronage of Sakae Clinic.Although it is a very difficult decision to make, due to the recent social situation and rising costs, we have decided to revise the surgery prices as follows from December 2022, 12.・Simple burial method 1-point retention (one eye) 2 yen (both eyes) 123,200 yen ・Levator palpebrae superioris muscle elevation + partial cut 176,000-point retention (one eye) 2 yen (both eyes) 184,800 yen ・Upper eyelid elevation Muscle elevation + partial cut 264,000-point fixation (one eye) 4 yen (both eyes) 215,600 yen, degreasing 308,000 yen *Degreasing is a set with other surgeries *All prices include tax Customers who have made reservations by November 11th will be informed of the price before the revision.We will continue to strive to further improve our services, and we appreciate your continued patronage.Sakae Clinic Director Nobuhiro Suetake