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vagus nerve trainingThe result was a level of parasympathetic nerves that is impossible for humans to measure.
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Dr. Masaaki Kobayashi analyzes test data of many cancer patients, patients with coronavirus aftereffects, and patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.Great discovery!but!
Similar to blood sugar spikes, there are autonomic nerve spikes.Those with autonomic nerve spikes have a worse prognosis than those with autonomic nerve dysfunction.
It is more important to measure in real time than to measure only the autonomic nervous system.
Among the autonomic nerves, the vagus nerve has recently received a lot of attention.
The vagus nerve accounts for XNUMX% of the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system and is the most important nerve in humans, controlling many internal organs.
It is known that stimulating the vagus nerve can improve health and performance.
So-called brain activity is possible through vagus nerve stimulation.
We believe that hyperbaric oxygen/hydrogen therapy is an important form of care that activates this vagus nerve.
It is far more effective in recovering from fatigue than simply inhaling hydrogen or performing hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
You will have to enter a hyperbaric chamber of XNUMX atmospheres, but as long as you can remove your ears, there will be no problem.
With such high pressure, the amount of dissolved oxygen increases, which can be expected to have a great effect on fatigue recovery.
Moreover, hydrogen inhalation was also carried out at the same time.It's a double effect.
Okazaki Yuai Clinic is the only medical institution in the country that has a chamber that takes oxygen and hydrogen into the body under high pressure.
Patients from all over the country who are suffering from various diseases such as cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome visit Okazaki Yuai Clinic and receive treatment in this chamber.
I felt refreshed after receiving hyperbaric oxygen and hydrogen therapy.😇🤩
Blood sugar spikes have received a lot of attention in recent years due to diabetes.
The discovery of autonomic nerve spikes may be a major medical discovery.
Increase the number of clinical cases and conduct joint research with Dr. Kobayashi!We believe.