Reading Time: <1 minuteMany patients come to our clinic to have moles and warts removed from their scalp. Because the scalp has good blood flow, the removal wound heals quickly, leaving almost no scars and is an easy area to perform surgery on. As a general rule, removal by excision is not necessary unless malignancy is suspected. In other words, it can be removed cleanly without using a scalpel. You can wash your hair from the day of the treatment. If you do not rub the affected area, washing your hair and cleaning the affected area will be more beneficial for the healing of the scar. The affected area will not become bald. The affected area hardly bleeds even after removal. This is because the hair roots are located deep within the hair, so it is possible to remove moles and warts using treatments that do not damage those areas. Most patients come to our clinic to have their enlarged moles and warts removed, so they can be easily removed. No hospital visit required. Treatment time is approximately 1-3 minutes depending on the size. Local anesthetics are also less painful and you will not feel any pain after the treatment. Immediately after treatment, apply an ointment containing antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents to the affected area, and give it to the affected area three times a day for about 4-5 days.The simple treatment of applying the ointment will leave the affected area clean. Become. As anesthesia is also PH adjusted at our hospital, compared to local anesthetic injections performed at general medical institutions.It is extremely painless and can be performed even on small It can be removed faster, more accurately, and without noticeable scars than carbon dioxide laser.SurgetronWe will remove it using a device called Please feel free to contact us.