Reading Time: <1 minute This is a comparison photo of my scalp before and after my scalp art making, which I performed myself. Cosmetic surgeons can perform various procedures on the body themselves.Hyaluronic acid injections and her Botox injections are first performed on the patient's own body, and staff, family members, and monitors undergo training.In the Showa era, permanent makeup was performed not by doctors but by estheticians and permanent makeup artists who did not have national qualifications.There seemed to be no legal issues at the time, and there were many salons specializing in permanent makeup throughout the country.The principle behind this tattoo is that it is a semi-permanent makeup technique in which dye is injected into the skin.However, unlike traditional tattoos, the pigment is not injected deep into the dermis, but rather into the epidermis or shallow dermis.In reality, it is not permanently valid and requires retouching after 10-XNUMX years.Recently, permanent makeup on the scalp has become an explosive boom in Korea.The reasons are: - There is almost no risk - The procedure is relatively easy - The procedure can be performed in a short time - No anesthesia is required - There is no swelling or pain after the procedure.In Korea, it is possible to apply permanent makeup even if you are not a doctor, but in Japan it is illegal unless it is done by a doctor or by a nurse under the supervision of a doctor.It is OK for nurses to perform permanent makeup in a medical institution under the supervision of a doctor, but if they travel on business or do it in a facility without a doctor, or a medical institution without a doctor, it is illegal and a crime.A nurse who makes a living doing permanent makeup in the dark?There are rumors circulating in the industry that there is one, but the truth is unknown.Permanent makeup requires not only theoretical knowledge but also artistic sense and manual dexterity.At our hospital, we invited a makeup artist from South Korea to stay at a related facility for two months, where he introduced the system, received training on how to use it, and received technical guidance as I performed the actual treatment on my own body.October. We have been conducting preparatory training to introduce scalp permanent makeup. (As a general rule, the treatment cannot be performed unless you have a Japanese medical license, so this is just my technical guidance for performing the treatment.) With more than XNUMX hours of physically demanding training and lectures, I am sure that I will be able to perform the treatment clinically. I did.Originally, I wanted a makeup artist to perform the treatment, but according to Japanese law, it would be a violation of the Medical Practitioners Act if anyone other than a doctor performs permanent makeup, so I had to do it myself. It became a treatment, and the training time, training time, training time, etc. became inefficient and became long.Circumstances of scalp art making in Korea, PR, commercialization, introduction status at medical institutions, dye selection and ingredients, handling of needles, techniques for approaching each part of the hair, care before and after treatment, hair growth/growth Through training in cutting-edge clinical trials, knowledge, and techniques, including combinations with treatments, we have reached a level where we can confidently provide medical services to patients.Scalp art making can be safely performed without anesthesia or pain using the cutting-edge double system AIR DOT.Scalp permanent makeup has the potential to spread in Japan as a treatment that can easily and dramatically improve hair loss for middle-aged and older men and women who suffer from thinning hair.However, the nurse practitioner is taking on a life of its own, and she is worried that she may get into trouble.Even if it is performed by a nurse, it is illegal if it is not performed within a medical institution and under the supervision of a doctor.Also, personally, I don't feel comfortable having nurses do it, so as a doctor, I will work on high-quality scalp art making performed by specialists from a solid clinical perspective, including safety and effectiveness.Since this year, we have introduced it to her clinic, and she has become more aware of herself as an artist. We would like to strive to provide advanced medical services to our patients.For cosmetic surgery in Nagoya, cosmetic surgery, armpit ga treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, small plastic surgery, mole removal, scar treatment, wrinkle and sagging treatment, please contact Kanoha Sakae Clinic.