Reading Time: <1 minuteI am teaching you chest training.High jumper Akira Eto won the Shizuoka International Athletics Championships held yesterday with a good record of XNUMX meters and XNUMX centimeters.Eto, who will represent Japan at the Rio Olympics, will aim to reach the standard record of XNUMX meters and XNUMX centimeters, with the aim of also competing on the Tokyo Olympics team.If he breaks the standard record, he will be in a position to aim for a place in the Olympics.Smoothing the movement of the ribcage will stabilize your aerial posture and allow you to control your body to avoid touching the bar.Thoracic training is an effective training method even for high jump athletes.Combined with breathing techniques, you will be able to control your autonomic nervous system, allowing you to relax and enjoy the game even when you are under stress.The day before the match, I was able to provide detailed guidance and was able to participate in the match in great condition.We pray for breaking the standard record and winning the Japan Championship.