Reading Time: <1 minuteAt our hospital, we are the onlyVagus nerve stimulation therapyで mimi care(auricular stimulation therapy). This year, we will be implementing his MimiCare, which is vagus nerve stimulation therapy, in full swing into our medical practice. There is evidence that the therapist performs various physical stimulations on the vagus nerve area in the auricle, which stimulates the vagus nerve, has an anti-inflammatory effect, increases brain plasticity, improves immunity, and improves autonomic nerve function. His health care method is excellent. Overseas, he is already known as TVNS and many devices are also sold. It can be said to be a superior care method because it is more effective than the exosome drip, which is currently a hot topic, and above all, there is evidence, there is no risk, and it is inexpensive. We will introduce Mimicare, a vagus nerve stimulation therapy, from time to time.