Reading Time: <1 minute Exosome drip therapy has a high possibility of effectiveness, but there is currently no evidence. Many reagents are sold and administered through infusions at various medical institutions, but these are experimental treatments without confirming their effectiveness, examining their contents, or creating protocols. Just because the reagent is administered under the responsibility of the doctor does not guarantee safety or effectiveness. There are some cosmetic surgery clinics that are profit-driven and try to attract patients with flashy advertising, but I don't think the doctors administering the drugs have any specialized knowledge. It is still moral and common sense for doctors to administer drugs carefully. There are risks as the possibility of promoting carcinogenesis and oxidation of the body due to the administration of inflammatory cytokines cannot be completely ruled out. Exactly the same effect can be achieved with vagus nerve stimulation therapy. Unlike exosome infusion, this is an extremely important treatment method that has no risks, is simple, inexpensive, and has evidence, and is being used all over the world. There are many papers, and the possibility and effectiveness are autism depression Improvement of paralysis after cerebral infarction dementia Improved concentration parkinson's disease rheumatoid arthritis chronic fatigue syndrome crohn's disease Aftereffects of new coronavirus infection It is expected to be effective for all kinds of diseases. Medical institutions do not use it as a treatment because it is not profitable, but it is already popular as neuromodulation around the world. Our hospital is working with multiple companies to develop these techniques and devices.