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It was suddenly decided that I would give a lecture.
[Developing next-generation healthcare devices through medical and engineering collaboration]
A lecture on vagus nerve stimulation therapy devices will be given at the luncheon seminar.
I would like to give a brief lecture on the great potential of neuromodulation device development, medical-engineering collaboration, and vagus nerve stimulation therapy, which are largely ignored by Japanese doctors, medical professionals, and companies.
Vagus nerve stimulation therapy, known as neuromodulation, is already recognized and widely used as a global standard treatment and healthcare, but is completely unknown in Japan.
Since most doctors are unaware of this, the current situation is completely unknown to the general public.
This is a major problem from a medical and healthcare perspective.
Neuromodulation is
This is already a well-established market, and it is expanding year by year.
This is essential knowledge for doctors and medical professionals.
The speaker will provide an easy-to-understand explanation of the mechanism of the vagus nerve and the potential of vagus nerve stimulation therapy, as well as a talk on the technology that has been jointly developed with Kado Corporation, Japan's leading manufacturer of designer home appliances, and which has been developing devices through collaboration between medicine and engineering for over two years.
A hands-on seminar is also scheduled for August 21st.
All medical professionals are welcome to participate!