Reading Time: <1 minuteyesterday,Fabricated stories, so-called hoaxes A patient told me that there was someone who was spreading the word.As a medical institution, our hospital naturallyThorough personal information management, privacy management, etc.Doing. It has come to light that over the past year there has been a person who has been spreading false stories about various types of personal information being disseminated.Moreover, we have been told that this false rumor has spread considerably.Spreading false rumors and damaging the credibility of medical institutions is unacceptable.this is,crimeis.We are currently investigating the individuals who are spreading false rumors, but it will be a shame if the person spreading the rumors is confirmed. Obstruction of business by fraudulent means,Criminal prosecution for defamationWe are considering.Slander against individuals on the internet has also become a problem, and if someone spreads something that is not true, even if it is just a rumor, that person may be subject to criminal penalties.It is similar to retweet on Twitter. This is an unacceptable and extremely malicious rumor involving patients, so we are preparing a thorough investigation and legal response.If the person who spread the false rumors sees this blog and spread the false rumors casually, please consider this a criminal act and absolutely refrain from doing so.We will provide medical services that give patients peace of mind by taking even stricter measures to prevent infectious diseases, manage personal information, and protect privacy.If anyone has any false information about our hospital, its staff, or my family as the director, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.Thank you very much for your understanding.