Reading Time: <1 minuteRecently, a cosmetic medical institution has developed a method of advertising mole removal for 0 yen. The first mole is 0 yen, and the second mole is charged. However, patients who have actually visited the clinic have been told that they are confined to their homes and are recommended to pay high treatment fees. This cosmetic surgery clinic is suspected of violating the Medical Practitioners Act by having unqualified people who call themselves counselors perform medical procedures such as examinations, and many cosmetic surgery clinics are warning people online. There are many victims. The business model is to have flashy commercials on TNCM and to emphasize only the benefits in listing ads to surround patients, have unqualified counselors examine patients for expensive medical treatment, and have them take out loans. If cosmetic medicine is performed in such an illegal way, the image of cosmetic medicine itself will be damaged. As many doctors have warned on YOUTUBE, patients who have been victimized have come to our clinic. If you have been victimized by this medical institution, please contact us.