Reading Time: <1 minuteThere is a cosmetic surgery clinic group that has been advertising and promoting itself ostentatiously using TV commercials and the Internet for some time now. We have heard shocking stories from patients who have undergone treatment at this group or gone for counseling and have been confined to their homes. This cosmetic surgery clinic group attracts patients with exaggerated and false advertising, and then uses a rip-off method called upselling to estimate high treatment costs and get patients to take out medical loans with extremely high interest rates. The cost of cosmetic medical treatment is a problem, but the problem is that people who call themselves counselors and are not qualified as doctors perform examinations and recommend surgery and treatment. This is a clear criminal act. A violation of the Medical Care Act. Because of this form of medical treatment, there are probably very few doctors on staff who have the ethics of a skilled doctor. If such clinics continue to provide rip-off treatments on a large scale, the credibility of cosmetic medicine will be lost and it will lose its social value. We hope that this darkness will be resolved as soon as possible.