Reading Time: <1 minuteApproaching the autonomic nervous system is the ultimate health method.All unconscious human activities such as circulation, breathing, digestion, metabolism, body temperature regulation, and blood pressure regulation are controlled by the autonomic nervous system.The autonomic nervous system is the software of a human girlfriend, and if you were to compare it to a computer, it would be equivalent to her OS.Strengthening and caring for this part is even more essential than the physical body.Unfortunately, however, in medical schools, we only learn a little about the autonomic nervous system in physiology, but autonomic nervous evaluation methods and autonomic nervous measurement are rarely taught in practical training or lectures at any medical school.Currently, I am conducting research on the autonomic nervous system, providing research guidance to graduate students, and giving lectures with Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi at Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine.Utilizing all the know-how from that research in his care, we have developed his cell treatment, which uses a low-frequency weak electric current to approach the fascia without applying strong stimulation to the muscles, and a functional anatomical and physiological treatment that can improve blood flow. A therapist trained in the autonomic approach will be in charge.