Reading Time: <1 minuteAmong the many healing music being distributed, it is attracting attention as music that affects the autonomic nervous system. XNUMXHz music The healing effect of XNUMXHz music has been known for a long time, but we have been the best in the world to explore its mysteries. Mr. ACOON HIBINO, a healing artist who is also my friend and respect. Winner of the XNUMX Japan Record Award Planning Award This is one of the few truly healing music that pursues evidence of the effects of XNUMXHz music on the living body from the perspective of the autonomic nervous system.Juntendo University School of Medicine also conducted an experiment on the effects of XNUMXHz music on subjects, conducted an autonomic nervous analysis, and wrote a paper. Eikon Medical Music Co., Ltd. is developing a XNUMXHz music distribution business as a prescription for listening.I am in charge of this supervision. In the future, we expect that XNUMXHz music will be introduced to medical institutions, salons, spas, hotels, department stores, sports gyms, elderly care facilities, and homes, and that many people will listen to it and experience true healing. Masu.We would like to explore the ultimate music together with ACOON, the ultimate healing artist.