Reading Time: <1 minuteWe are receiving more and more consultations about breast odor, also known as breast odor, breast odor, and areola odor. Some people who have a tendency to have body odor have a lot of apocrine sweat glands in the chest, especially in the skin around the areola, and some are concerned about the odor. There are more apocrine sweat glands in the skin around the areola than in the brown areola and nipple, so treatment targets this area. It is an area where surgery cannot be performed and has been said to be impossible and difficult to treat, but now, with a treatment called the EL method, it can be completely cured without leaving any scars and with almost no downtime. There are facilities that perform a treatment called MiraDry on breast odor, but you should never receive it. MiraDry itself is a sensitive area, and there is a high risk of severe pain and burns after surgery, and it has almost no effect, so it should not be applied to the areola. Of course, even though it is a medically approved device by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, it is not applicable to the areola. Moreover, there are facilities where it is performed by nurses, so be careful. It is questionable whether MiraDry treatment can be performed with safety guaranteed and effectiveness guaranteed by nurses. We promise that the EL method, which involves inserting special thin needles into the skin around the areola and destroying the apocrine sweat glands one by one with pinpoint precision to permanently eliminate odor, is the only method that can be expected to permanently and safely cure nipple odor, nipple armpit odor, and nipple armpit odor.