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Yesterday, the final day of the World Athletics Championships, the Japanese team ran the XNUMXm relay, and it was really cool.
Before the race, there was no attention at all...all the coverage was about the XNUMXm relay...
The Japanese team's best performance in the qualifying round!In the finals, he broke into the XNUMX-minute range, setting a new Asian record and a new Japanese record, and finished in XNUMXth place.Best result in the world tournament.
The mile relay will aim to win medals at next year's World Championships and the Paris Olympics.
Fuji TV's Mezamashi 2-sama will be broadcasting a training interview with Kaito Kawabata, who ran the second run.
of course!
Next generation and training
Kawabata does not do any static stretching before or after practice, and he almost never does weight training.
Improve respiratory function
Autonomic nervous function up
Improved core coordination
Improving balance ability
As a result of drastically changing his conditioning, training, and care methods with a focus on improving lung vitality, he has dramatically improved his performance, winning the XNUMXm championship at the Japan Championships last year, and contributing to the Japanese tie record at the Tokyo Olympics with the fastest time (lap time equivalent to the second-best lap time in Japan's history). This year's Japan Championship runner-up
From an unknown player to a top player on the Japanese national team!
The year before last, when he wasn't blessed with a sponsor, he bounced back from last year's big handicap, and I think his unrelenting efforts, Coach Aoto's efforts, and his vitality supported his success.
A long-awaited medal for Japan in the XNUMXm relay!
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