Reading Time: <1 minuteThe clinic was held on February XNUMXth with the participation of Kaito Kawabata, Japan's Tokyo Olympic track and field athlete, trainers, acupuncturists, staff from companies and education-related businesses, and integrative medicine specialists.We have taken strict measures to prevent infectious diseases to minimize contact.
Kaito Kawabata will also be working as a lung trainer starting in April, drawing on his own experience.
Kawabata aims to break the Japanese record and win a medal at the Asian Games this year.
Aiming to participate in the world championship.
A medical aroma company distributed a prototype of Lung-Active Aroma and explained its development.
We had a demonstration of XNUMXHz music that regulates the autonomic nervous system.
The trainer will teach you how to actually perform lung exercises.
Functional anatomy
Exercise physiology
This was done based on autonomic neurology.
It is certain that lung activity will become a big hit, but I would like to work to popularize lung activity based on evidence.
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