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Improve athlete performance with lung vitality.
The next generation of training methods is attracting attention.
I'm sure the era of lung activation will come.
We are developing the next generation of cutting-edge training in collaboration with Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi at the Department of Hospital Management, Juntendo University School of Medicine.
FOOTBRAIN, which aired on Saturday, featured a special feature on lung activity.
What is lung activity?
XNUMX) Respiratory muscle group Maximum muscle strength and endurance enhancement of expiratory and inspiratory muscle groups
XNUMX) Improving autonomic nervous function through breathing techniques
XNUMX) Increase in maximum oxygen uptake per ventilation by stretching to expand thoracic range of motion
It is a general term for.
Not only for athletes but also for the purpose of improving autonomic nervous function as well as respiratory function.
・Improving the exercise ability of the elderly
・Women's diet
・Strengthening children's concentration
・Stress care
This is a next-generation health and training method that is also effective for everyone.
We have been engaged in this research for many years.
We are confident that many top athletes will achieve remarkable results and this method will become an essential training method.
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