Reading Time: <1 minuteIt has been 34 years since I started practicing cosmetic surgery. He became one of the few cosmetic surgeons who knew about cosmetic surgery in the Showa era. I have looked at the history of cosmetic surgery, but considering the recent decline in the quality of cosmetic surgeons, I am concerned about the future development of cosmetic surgery. There is a cosmetic surgery clinic group that is constantly recruiting people with no experience to become a director in 6 months and work 5 hours 3 days a week with an annual income of 30 million yen to 200 million yen. The quality of cosmetic surgery is not so low that you can become a director in six months with no experience. 200 million yen! ? If this were true, I would want to change jobs as soon as the hospital closes. What does this mean? This is impossible when considering legitimate medical practice. Being a cosmetic surgeon can be fun, make money, and be admired. As long as you can use SNS well, skills and knowledge are irrelevant. They teamed up with unscrupulous influencers and unscrupulous beauty YouTubers to attract patients through hype. Exosome business, MiraDry business, diet business...all prioritize business. The existence of an organization whose top priority is profit, whose managers are not doctors either. There is a reality that is far removed from medical care. A world is unfolding where experience, knowledge, and technology are completely irrelevant. Many patients come to our clinic for consultations who are worried about scars and after-effects after cosmetic surgery. It is important to find the correct information to avoid falling victim to an inexperienced cosmetic surgeon.