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~ What causes the cosmetic surgery death? Exploring the reality The horrible medical practice hidden in discounted cosmetic surgery

There is no other type of medical care where the price varies between clinics as much as cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology.At a certain cosmetic surgeryDouble fenceThe surgery is 18 10,000 yen, and in certain cosmetic surgery, 9800 yen,Botox injectionOne cosmetic surgery clinic costs 1 yen, while another costs 3000 yen.What is the difference?I feel that the low-cost, low-quality cosmetic surgery business is destroying the future of cosmetic surgery. PRP therapywill be done for 3 yen.Even though the kit costs more than 3 yen... This system naturally reduces the quality of the kit to the absolute minimum and does not follow the steps that should be taken.There are cosmetic surgery clinics that use ineffective dental kits and simple blood collection tubes.Of course, you won't expect much of an effect.An even bigger risk is hidden behind the procedure.Recently, I received a treatment using a system called Fraxel 2 at a rapidly growing cosmetic surgery clinic that sells discount cosmetic treatments, and the redness, swelling, and pain that felt like a burn continued for more than two weeks, which was really painful. A patient came to our hospital for a consultation.Naturally, the patient's face has pigmentation, and the expected effect is not felt at all.I regretted getting the treatment because I was lured by a discounted price in a magazine advertisement.Surprisingly, at the cosmetic surgery clinic, nurses, not doctors, explain the procedures. Fractional laserIt is one of the treatments that involves some risks in cosmetic dermatology, as it can cause downtime.Even if under the supervision of a doctor, a person without medical qualifications may provide treatment.Fractional laserIt is not permitted under the Medical Practitioners Act to irradiate patients with radiation.A clear violation of the Medical Practitioners Act.This is a terrible act devised to attract customers by discounting treatment costs.When I contacted the sales representative regarding this procedure and equipment, he told me to have the procedure performed by a doctor if possible.The answer is...When I asked if it was a risky treatment that should definitely be performed by a doctor rather than by him, the person in charge probably thought it was a bad idea...well, that's right.I slurred my words. Fractional laserIt is absolutely impossible for a nurse to be able to administer the correct irradiation.This is because it is a treatment that should be performed while making a diagnosis, and then changing the setting power, irradiation density, and path after observing the reaction of the skin.No nurse is capable of properly diagnosing skin reactions and operating the treatment system.Once the equipment sells, it's up to you how you use it and who uses it.Am I the only one who thinks it's too cruel?In order to avoid compromising the quality of aesthetic medicine at the clinic, it is necessary for the specialist to take responsibility and carefully perform the treatment while examining the patient.This limits the number of patients we can treat in one day.Naturally, it is unavoidable that beauty treatment costs will be a certain amount due to management reasons.Many advertisements with flashy discounts have been published in local monthly magazines, but it is our clinic's policy to never carry out similar advertisements or PRs. I think you should be careful.As local medical care is collapsing, the time has come for the government and the media to issue a strong warning against the influx of doctors into cosmetic medicine, who perform low-quality cosmetic treatments in order to earn high fees based on their inexperience. I think so.Recently, we have seen a sudden increase in the number of consultations from patients who are suffering from problems that have occurred due to discounted beauty treatments.I hope that patients who read this column will take the time to think carefully before undergoing cosmetic treatment.Healthcare should not be dominated by discounts.We believe that medical care should continue to provide patients with the same level of service that they can provide to their own family.