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Eimi Fukada's "additional tax 8000 million yen" A simple love with a "handsome blonde doctor" who supports the betrayal of her former agency
The other day, there was an article in the media about the tax issues of a sexy actress named Eimi Fukada. At the same time, there were also reports of her dating a handsome cosmetic surgeon. He was advertised as a cosmetic surgery instructor who was hired at a cosmetic surgery clinic, but he has only been a cosmetic surgeon for less than a year, and recently there have been cases in which cosmetic surgeons have been attracting attention due to extramarital affairs, sexual assault, and fatal accidents. However, the problem is not with the cosmetic surgery itself, but rather with the quality of the doctor. It is impossible to become a cosmetic surgeon instructor in less than a year, and it is absolutely impossible to teach surgical procedures. The reason is that cosmetic surgeons do not focus on surgical techniques, but rather carefully monitor the postoperative course, problems, and results, and accumulate many cases.If they cannot perfect their skills, including dealing with individual differences and various variations, and troubleshooting, they will be left alone. Not before. Furthermore, if you are going to instruct other doctors, you will need at least 10 years of clinical experience in cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery has received mixed reviews from doctors in other departments, calling it money-making, flirtatious, and vulgar PR. Cosmetic medicine is medicine that makes the face and body look beautiful, not medicine that treats diseases. In other words, it is a medical treatment that achieves a goal by inserting a scalpel into a healthy body or applying stress to the body, so it is a medical treatment that absolutely requires a healthy level of recovery. To this end, it is important to have a good eye for choosing adaptations. It is a fact that there are cosmetic surgery clinics that perform surgery on everything, and many problems occur. I have been working as a clinical cosmetic surgeon for 34 years, and I cannot understand the feelings of a cosmetic surgeon who has little experience and easily performs risky surgeries for profit, even though there are many surgeries that he is afraid to perform. I hope for a future where low-quality cosmetic surgeons are eliminated and cosmetic surgery is regarded as legitimate happiness medicine.