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Liposuction trouble

The current situation is that surgery is performed on the premise that even if it is not effective or if a problem occurs, unlike facial surgery, it will be a complete loss.It is common for doctors to differ by more than twice the amount of suction for the same part of the same person.The difference in skill between doctors is huge, and is probably the biggest of all cosmetic surgery procedures.This is because liposuction is a completely different surgery than cosmetic surgery on the eyes or nose, and unlike breast augmentation surgery, position and feel are not an issue; the main focus is on slimming down.However, this is subjective, so even if only a small amount of fat is suctioned out, it is true that the patient will become thinner a little, and even if the patient complains, it is impossible to do more because your muscles are thick. They are told that if you don't retain some fat, you won't have a feminine body, and even here, you will be turned away.In other words, this is a field in which even a completely useless doctor can be made to work as a manager.It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most sophisticated cosmetic surgery procedure performed by an inexperienced doctor.More than half of patients decide not to undergo liposuction after learning about the intense pain, internal bleeding, and swelling after surgery, as well as the actual effects.The lower legs in particular are prone to swelling, and many patients suffer from unsightly marks that become uneven several months after the swelling subsides.In clinics where there are multiple doctors and profit is the top priority, there are cases where the doctor in charge is a doctor who has been practicing cosmetic surgery for less than a year.Although I have been a cosmetic surgeon for 18 years, I do not perform liposuction due to my lack of experience and self-confidence.I do not perform liposuction because the results are not 1% satisfactory.How should we understand the reality that self-proclaimed cosmetic surgeons who are just one year out of medical school are performing liposuction on patients while telling them it's easy?Along with breast augmentation and facelifts, this is a surgery that is called the cash cow of cosmetic surgery.A cosmetic surgeon can earn between 1 million and 100 million yen for a surgical procedure in just one hour.There are also many fatal accidents.In reality, accidents have occurred in which patients die from peritonitis due to perforation of the peritoneum due to incorrect suction tubes, or patients die from circulatory failure due to forced liposuction that removes large amounts of fat at once. .It is important to understand in advance that this is a very risky surgery, as fat embolization, which is aspirated, can enter blood vessels and clog pulmonary veins, and accidents can occur during anesthesia.You should never undergo surgery from a doctor who emphasizes the effectiveness and safety of the surgery.There are many young women who think that they can easily lose weight with liposuction, have surgery without considering the risks and the post-operative condition, and end up regretting it.