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Scared Kramer patient

Cosmetic surgery clinics must also deal with aggressive and persistent complaints from unreasonable complainers.A claimer may initially intend to receive a free beauty treatment and file a complaint after the treatment, or he may change his mind midway through and make unreasonable demands to the medical institution and demand a refund of the treatment costs.In any case, it seems that these types of complainers often request returns and refunds for products that have been extensively used, even at stores other than medical institutions.Both hotels and department stores have complaint countermeasure manuals.This is a case where even the slightest mistake is blamed on the victim and the accommodation fee is waived or compensation is requested.Unfortunately, in a private clinic like ours, it is absolutely impossible for a patient to be treated as a complainer from the beginning, so we have not taken sufficient measures and have fallen prey to complainers. .There are actually complaints that specifically target people in the medical field.Since the stain cannot be completely removed by treatment, please refund the treatment fee in full.There was a patient who made this persistent request.As for the treatment cost, even though he received the treatment at a discounted campaign price, did he make a planned complaint asking for a refund after the treatment?Makes me suspect. They say something outrageous: ``Even though I received counseling that said the stains would be completely removed, the stains still aren't coming off!''First of all, as a doctor, I cannot guarantee that the stain will be completely removed.This is because there are some stains like melasma that are extremely difficult to eliminate and can only be controlled.In addition, there are many cases where just thinning the area is enough to be effective.There are regular complainers who make aggressive complaints about even the slightest remaining stains.They unilaterally insist on things that are convenient for them, such as the staff's poor response, lack of explanation, too high costs, or the fact that what they are saying is wrong.Some patients even make threatening complaints.Up until now, I had thought that I would have to accept a refund due to the risk of having to spend time with such unreasonable patients, but as a medical institution, I would like to provide a thorough explanation and provide materials. Therefore, we will never succumb to unreasonable complaints as long as we provide treatments that are currently considered effective by medical science and there are no problems.When we talk about medical troubles, we often talk about mistakes and negligence on the part of medical institutions and doctors, but it is also true that there are patients known as complainers who have an abnormally sticky temperament.There was a case in the past where a doctor I knew had forged a medical certificate and asked for a refund.When we informed the clinic's lawyer that we would be filing criminal charges against the doctor who submitted the fake medical certificate, the clinic's attitude completely changed and the unreasonable demands were no longer made.First of all, we will treat the complainer with hospitality and explain re-treatment options that are acceptable to them and give them priority, but if they repeatedly make unreasonable demands or act in a way that could be considered threatening, we regret that they will not be able to comply legally. We must take appropriate action.Doctors have a duty to guarantee and protect the health and safety of their patients, but I have learned from actual cases that they also have to protect themselves from the fear of complaints.It is unfortunate that medical institutions need to deal with complaints so that they do not spend so much time dealing with such complaints that they neglect the medical care of other patients.